Communication Studies, B.A.

Effective communication is foundational to individual and organizational success, from managing our daily lives to leading Fortune 500 organizations. 

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Program Intro

The communication studies program is designed to educate and develop our students to be effective communicators, leaders and ethical advocates in today’s evolving workplace. Offering two concentrations — digital communication and speech communication — this program allows students to focus on effectively communicating in a global, networked, digital environment or on spoken communication, growing their skills to write and deliver impactful messages. In a dynamically changing communication landscape, strong communication skills online and in the workplace translates to professional success.

36 Units
2 Concentrations
12 Speech and Debate Tournaments Each Year

Why Study Communication Studies at CBU?

Practice communication in the classroom

The communication studies program is heavily focused both on individualized attention and real-world skill acquisition. With concentrations in digital and speech communication, students can choose their study area that addresses relevant and current communication strategies. Courses throughout the program integrate real-world concepts that translate to profession. Our core public speaking class is capped at 21 students, allowing more time for coaching and improvement. And our organizational communication course allows students to form a hypothetical small business where they confront communication problems in the workplace and in life.

Join a premier speech and debate team

CBU offers one of the nation's premier speech and debate programs. Speech students compete at tournaments throughout the year and consistently take top honors in individual and team competitions.

Graduate on time

Communication studies is one of the few programs at CBU that actively works to maintain students' ability to take all of their major classes with no conflicts between class times. Students often use this distinctive either to add communication studies as a double major, as a minor, or as a switch from another major if their desired graduation date is no longer within reach.

What You'll Learn

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies will:

Program Details

COM 308: Interpersonal Communications

This class examines the dynamics of the two-person communication process.

COM 401: Argumentation and Debate

A study of the principles and models of argumentation and debate, and how a student may present an effective argument.

COM 403: Communication Theory

Recognizing human communication theories in everyday life, and critically examining situations in multiple cultural contexts based on those theories.

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  • Digital Communication Concentration
  • Speech Communication Concentration

Cynthia Boes, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication

Office Phone: 951-343-4904
E-mail: cboes@calbaptist.edu
Office Location: James Building 038

Victoria Brodie, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Public Relations
Department Chair, Communication Arts

Office Phone: 951-552-8310
E-mail: vbrodie@calbaptist.edu
Office Location: James Building 044

Michael Marse, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
Program Director, Forensics

Office Phone: 951-343-4207
E-mail: mmarse@calbaptist.edu
Office Location: James Building 037

Mairin Deasy

I chose my major because I can do a lot of things with it. No matter where I go, I will need to be able to communicate effectively.

Mairin Deasy '18

Career Possibilities

Communication studies majors can apply their field of study to a variety of careers. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Speech Writer
  • Script Writer
  • Salesperson
  • Social Media Manager
  • Communication Director
  • Digital Communication Director

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