Course Reserve Options
The library currently allows the following checkout limit options for items placed on reserve at the library front desk for student use:

  • 2 hour (library use only)
  • 4 hour
  • Overnight
  • 3 days
  • 1 week

Checkout limits other than these are not currently supported in the circulation system.

Books, films, or journal volumes that are part of the library collection or personally owned can be placed on reserve. Textbooks may be placed on reserve if they are not desk or exam copies, as textbook publisher policies prohibit these items from being placed on reserve. Reserve forms are located at the library front desk and should be completed when personally owned items are brought to the library.  If library-owned materials are to be placed on reserve, please come in before the semester begins to fill out the Reserve Form in order to ensure that your students have access to these materials throughout the semester.

Further questions about placing items on reserve at the library may be directed to Keri Murcray.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Library Offer Research Instruction?

On What Topics Do the Librarians Teach?

Can I Bring My Entire Class into the Library to do Research?

Can I Reserve the Library's Computers for My Class Instruction?

How Can I Provide Online (or Computer) Research Instruction for My Students?

Can I Send My Class to the Library for a Scavenger Hunt?

Can I Reserve a Room for a Class Meeting?

Can I Reserve the Video Room to Show a Movie to My Class?

I Have More Questions; Whom Can I Contact?

Does the library offer research instruction?

Yes. We are happy to schedule meeting times between a librarian and your classes and design research instruction to meet individual class needs. Please provide at least one week advance notice, though more time is desirable. The more time we have to prepare, the better we can ensure that the session(s) will be relevant and useful to the needs of your students. To initiate this process, please submit the instruction session request form.

On what topics do the librarians teach?

All information literacy instruction is oriented towards achieving the library's six Program Student Outcomes (PSOs). Typical instruction is designed to tie one or more of these outcomes to one or more research tools, subjects and/or tasks. These outcomes are defined as follows. We teach students to be able to:

1. Formulate and define an information need clearly.
2. Know and access needed information effectively and efficiently.
3. Evaluate information and its sources critically.
4. Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.
5. Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally.
6. Have an attitude of openness, flexibility, curiosity, creativity and an appreciation of the value of a broad perspective.


Can I bring my entire class into the library to do research?

Yes, provided that you do not kick people out of rooms or off computers. It helps us greatly if we receive prior notice when entire classes visit the library, because it provides an opportunity for the staff to prepare for the additional patrons during your research trip.

Can I reserve the library's computers for my class instruction?

No. Campus computer labs are available to be reserved for your classes through InsideCBU.

How can I provide online (or computer) research instruction for my students?

We can also schedule a librarian-led instruction session with your class in these computer labs that focuses on how to use the electronic resources of the library to meet research needs. We do ask that this type of instruction session be set up in advance.

Can I send my class to the library for a scavenger hunt?

Yes. Let us work with you to design a useful scavenger hunt that will meet the needs of your class and familiarize your students with the most current and helpful tools available to them.

Can I reserve a room for a class meeting?

No. Unfortunately, our limited study-room space precludes us from reserving rooms for entire classes. Current library policy limits room reservations to student group-study sessions.

Can I reserve the video room to show a movie to my class?

No. However, individual students or small groups (fewer than five) can watch the movies you have placed on reserve.

I have more questions; whom can I contact?

Carolyn Heine, Instructional Services Librarian, at or (951) 343-4333.

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