Registering for Classes

Once you know which courses you would like to take you can use the following instructions to get registered.

  • How to Add a Course


    1. From InsideCBU, click on the “Academics” tab at the top of the page. 


    Academics Tab



    2. Now click on the “Student Course Registration” tab on the left. 


    VOCR Student Course Registration



    3. Click on the “Add/Drop Courses” link in the middle of the page.


    Add / Drop Courses



    4. Begin by selecting the TERM for which you plan to register. Be sure to select the option that lists only the semester initials and year. For example, FA 2018 for the Fall 2018 semester.


    Term 1

    Term 2



    5. Scroll down and click on the “More Search Options” link in the Course Search box.


    More Search Options



    6. Change the Section Status to OPEN. This will prevent closed courses from appearing in your search results. 


    Section Status



    7. In the Course Code field type in the course code of the class you would like to add. The course code contains only letters and numbers, no spaces or hyphens.


    Course Search 1



    8. You can further refine your search using the other filters on this page, however these are not required. Click SEARCH. 


    Search Button



    9. All courses and sections that match your search criteria will appear on the search results page. Before moving on, let's look at a few details in the search results. 

    First, the course code column contains the course code and section letter for the course. Different section letters simply indicate a unique time, meeting days, location, and professor. For example, while section A and section B of PSY213 are the same course, they are taught by different professors, in different times and places. This allows students to choose whatever section best fits their schedule.


    Results Code


    The seats open column displays a ratio of seats open to total seats in a classroom. This can appear confusing to some. If a ratio is 15/25 that doesn't mean that there are 15 students enrolled in that course, it means that there are 15 available seats in that course.

    Results Seats 

    The schedule column displays the days that class will meet (R means Thursday), the time of day for each meeting, and location.


    Results Schedule 

    Lastly, the Begin and End Date Columns indicate the first and the last day of that course. Accelerated Online courses are only 8 weeks long (as opposed to 16 weeks) and therefore have different begin and end dates (highlighted below in yellow). We do not recommend these sections for first-time freshmen.


    Results Dates



    From the list of results, check the ADD box to the left of the Course Code and Click on the “Add Courses” button at the bottom of the page.


    Add Course  


    After each add, stop and notice the comment in the box above the schedule. This box will notify you of important information such as:

    • Schedule Conflicts
    • A prerequisite that has not been met
    • If you are trying to add a course that is full, or...
    • If you are repeating a course previously taken (You are responsible for knowing if the course is repeatable. Please check the course description).

    If the course is added successfully it will appear in the bottom portion of the screen in your semester schedule. 


    Course Now in Schedule



    You can continue to add courses by repeating these steps.



  • How to Swap Courses


    1. To Swap one course for another, click the bubble to the left of the course you would like to replace and then click the Swap button below.


    Swap 1 


    2. Enter the search criteria for the new course you want to add and click Search.


    Swap 2



    3. Select the section you would like to add and then click swap.


    Swap 3


    4. If the courses are swapped successfully you will see a confirmation message.


    Swap 4



  • How to Drop or Withdraw from a Course


    1. To drop (or remove) a course from your schedule during the drop period, click the box to the left of the course you wish to drop and click the Drop Selected Courses button. Once dropped the course will no longer appear on the screen.

    Drop 1



    2. If the course is dropped successfully you will see a confirmation message. 


    Drop 2



    Note: Once the last day to drop has passed, this same process will result in a withdraw.


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