Creating a Degree Plan

Creating a degree plan is helpful in gaining a better understanding of graduation requirements. It will allow you the opportunity to approach each registration season with a specific list of courses you will need to take. Keep in mind that degree plans may need to be adjusted due to changes in course offerings or scheduling issues. Talk to your Academic Advisor to find out when and how to get started on your degree plan. See the degree plan process below.

  • Meet Your Advisor
    The first step in creating a degree plan is meeting with your Academic Advisor. If you do not know who your Academic Advisor is, use the Find My Advisor tool and contact him / her and let them know that you want to get started on creating a Degree Plan.
  • Degree Guide

    The foundation of a degree plan is an accurate degree guide. Your advisor can help you prepare your degree guide which will show you which requirements are still needed in order to graduate.

    How to Find Your Degree Guide (GIF)

    The video below can help explain how to read your degree guide.

  • Major Planning Guides

    In addition to a prepared degree guide, major planning guides are a helpful resource, providing a summary of major requirements, GE requirements, and an example 4 year plan.

    Click here to access your major planning guide.


  • Recommended GE Courses List

    To determine which General Education classes you might consider registering in you can view / download the Recommended Courses to Meet General Education Requirements list. For any General Education categories you wish to complete, we recommend only taking courses from this list. This list provides you with recommended competency courses, and lower and upper division general education offerings. You must have at least 30 units completed to take upper division courses.  Click here to download the Recommended GE list.

    Recommended GE
  • Degree Course Planning Worksheet

    Using your degree guide, major planning guide, and recommended GE course list, you can now create a degree plan using our Degree Course Planning Worksheet. 

    Once you have created a degree plan be sure to email it to your academic advisor so he/she can check for any needed adjustments. 

    Keep a copy of your degree plan in your files so you are able to make future edits as needed.

    Click here to download the Degree Course Planning Worksheet.

    Students involved with CBU's Music program should use the (Music) Degree Course Planning Worksheet.

    Degree Planning Worksheet

  • University Catalog

    The University Catalog provides information about campus offices, departments, policies, and academic programs, including course descriptions. An new catalog is built every academic year. 

    Be sure to access the correct catalog for your question. If you need to look up specific degree requirements for your major, minor, or concentration, choose the catalog that corresponds with your catalog year. You can find your catalog year at the top of your Degree Guide.  

    If you need to look up the most up-to-date course offerings or campus policies, please choose the current catalog. 

    Click here to access the University Catalog.