Choosing a Career and Major

Your major doesn’t limit you to one career. Rather, it is a launching pad to more career paths than you probably realize. The skills you learn at CBU can be applied to many different professional areas, so take time to explore the full scope of what you can do with your major. The resources below are a good place a start.

If you have not yet chosen a major, try attending lectures in different academic departments to get a feel for various subject areas. View your general education classes as exposure to potential careers. Talk to people who are doing interesting things and find out how they got there. Attend career fairs. Search for jobs that combine your interests and abilities. Stay curious. Ask questions. Prayerfully consider your purpose in life. The reason you haven’t decided on a career may be because you are interested in and / or good at a lot of different things. To further aid in your search, explore the resources and assessments below.