NOTE: For assistance if you are unsure of the appropriate department to contact, please call the CBU Switchboard at (951) 689-5771. To contact the following offices directly, please use the phone numbers and/or email addresses listed.

Dr. Ronald L. Ellis

Dr. Ronald L. Ellis, President
Janie Armentrout, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Charles Sands

Dr. Charles Sands, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Claudia Valdez, Administrative Assistant

Kent Dacus

Kent Dacus, Senior Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
Kelly Palmer, Administrative Assistant

Mark Howe

Mark Howe, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Megan Rea, Administrative Services Manager

Paul J. Eldridge, J.D.

Paul J. Eldridge, J.D., Vice President for University Advancement
Christi Carey, Administrative Assistant

Angela Meluski

Angela Meluski, Vice President for Marketing and Communication
Lisa McDonald, Administrative Assistant

Adam Burton

Adam Burton, Vice President and General Counsel
Emiliana Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant


Dr. Micah Parker

Dr. Micah Parker, Vice President for Athletics

Dr. Karen Bradley

Dr. Karen Bradley, Vice President for CBU Health and Dean of the College of Nursing
Jeannette Russell, Director of Academic Operations

Dr. Tim Gramling

Dr. Tim Gramling, Vice President for Diversity and Dean of the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business
Delores Washington, Administrative Assistant

Mark Roberson

Mark Roberson, Dean of the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design
Elizabeth Dickerson, Administrative Secretary

Dr. Joseph Bolin

Dr. Joseph Bolin, Dean of the Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Performing Arts
Courtney Ladd, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Lisa Hernández

Dr. Lisa Hernández, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Zara Melcher, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Robin Duncan

Dr. Robin Duncan, Dean of the Dr. Bonnie G. Metcalf School of Education
Emily Frigaard, Administrative Assistant

Dr. David Pearson

Dr. David Pearson, Dean of the College of Health Science
Brittany Davies, Director of Academic Operations

Dr. Chris Morgan

Dr. Chris Morgan, Dean of the School of Christian Ministries
Maigen Turner, Administrative Secretary


Dr. Wayne Fletcher

Dr. Wayne Fletcher, Associate Provost for Academic Services

Dr. Elizabeth Morris

Dr. Elizabeth Morris, Associate Provost for Educational Effectiveness

Dr. Elisa Shepard

Dr. Elisa Shepard, Associate Provost for Online Education

Dr. Tracy Ward

Dr. Tracy Ward, Associate Provost for Administration

Dr. Tran Hong

Dr. Tran Hong, Associate Vice President of Technology
Shelly Dietrich, Administrative Assistant

Anthony Lammons

Anthony Lammons, Associate Vice President for Student Services

John Montgomery

John Montgomery, Associate Vice President for Student Services

Shelley Murley

Shelley Murley, Associate Vice President for Accounting

Joe Opris

Joe Opris, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Calvin Sparkman

Calvin Sparkman, Associate Vice President for Financial Services

Taylor Neece

Taylor Neece, Assistant Vice President for Admissions

Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis, Dean of International Programs

Chris Hofschroer

Chris Hofschroer, Dean of Students
Armida Melendez, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Dr. Steve Neilsen

Dr. Steve Neilsen, Dean of Academic Persistence and Support
Emilie Golden, Department Secretary

Jacob Ravenscroft

Jacob Ravenscraft, Dean of Spiritual Life/Campus Pastor

Dr. Tae Sung

Dr. Tae Sung, Dean of Student Success
Emilie Golden, Office Secretary