DR. TAE SUNG (faculty profile, LinkedIn)

Tae Sung

Tae Sung is Associate Professor of English & Founding Director of the University Writing Center. He is passionate about helping people understand the power of languages and literatures to create deep meanings, identities, and traditions. He began his undergraduate studies as a bioengineer at UC San Diego before switching his major to English literature. He completed his M.A. in theology from Fuller Seminary and went on to receive his Ph.D. in American literature & critical theory from UC Irvine where he was awarded the Strauss Fellowship in English and the Koehn Fellowship in Critical Theory. His writing has appeared in Books & Culture, the William James Studies journal, the journal of Religion and Literature, the Emerson Society Papers, and elsewhere. He is working on his first novel and completing a scholarly monograph titled, The Spirit and the Gift: A Postsecular Reading of Ralph Waldo Emerson and William James, which is projected to be the first of a three-part series on the spirit in American literature. With his family, he lives in the Inland Empire where he grew up, served as a foster parent with Olive Crest, and teaches a weekly class for incarcerated men through Prison Fellowship. 

Kassandra McInteer 

Kassandra is an Adjunct Professor of English here at California Baptist University and a faculty volunteer for the UWC. She passionately believes in the importance of creating opportunities in academia for underrepresented groups, specifically for students of color. She has channeled her efforts into establishing accessible and affordable editing and writing services for students as an avenue to publication. Kassandra completed her undergraduate studies at California State University, San Bernardino, where she majored in English Literature. She then completed her M.A. in English-Literature at CBU. While in the MAEN graduate program, she worked in the Office of Student Success as a Graduate Assistant Writing Tutor. Kassandra’s areas of literary interest include intersectional literature, contemporary literature, fantasy fiction, and historical fiction. 


Writing Coaches

Bethany Bruce (Focus Areas: MLA, English, music)

Bethany is an English major at CBU Online aspiring to become a high school English teacher. Before transferring to CBU Online, she attended Norco College where she earned an Associates Degree in English for Transfer, an Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Studies, and an Associates Degree in Humanities, Philosophies, and Arts. She loves working with people and is passionate about the field of education, eager to help students understand and apply writing concepts. Inspired by her own high school English teacher and memorable classes in American and British literature, she realized a passion for reading, writing and literature. Among her favorite books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Aside from reading and writing, she also loves music and has been singing and playing guitar since early high school, serving as a worship leader and choir singer at her church.

Tricia Buggle (Focus areas: MLA, APA, English)

Tricia is an OPS student here at CBU, majoring in Liberal Studies with an English concentration. Her dream job is to teach high school English. Tricia believes it is never too late to chase a dream and considers herself a lifetime learner. She is a firm believer that everyone has something important to say and hopes to help her fellow students develop and hone their writing skills. She has expertise in grammar, spelling, writing composition, and both MLA and APA styles. In addition to school, Tricia works full-time at her kids’ high school, answering the phones and she likes to find a few hours every week to exercise and spend time outdoors looking at puffy clouds and sunsets. She also enjoys listening to live music, taking pictures, volunteering, and hanging out with her kids and dogs. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you refine and polish those papers. 

Sammy Carter (Focus areas: MLA, APA, English, philosophy)

Sammy Carter is a sophomore double majoring in English and Philosophy. He is planning on pursuing a PhD with the intent to become an English Professor. Outside of academics, he loves surfing, skating, and listening to/finding music (particularly hip hop, rock, and EDM). He has a passion for helping others understand and communicate complicated things in a way that is easily manageable. Fostering growth, progress, and creative expression is his number one priority as a writing coach and future educator. He has expertise with MLA and APA and enjoys the planning and structuring processes of essay writing. 

Eunice Hahn (Focus areas: MLA, APA, Chicago, AP Style, journalism, marketing)

Eunice is a senior English major with minors in children’s literature and marketing. Currently a member of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and editor-in-chief of the award-winning Angelos yearbook, she cites journalistic writing as one of her greatest editorial influences. Additionally, she has previously served on the editorial board of CBU’s The Dazed Starling where she edited short stories and poetry for publication. Other writing experience includes a marketing internship for Dexterous Media Group where she wrote blog posts and social media copy promoting the company. She avoids poetry like the plague but loves any and all forms of prose storytelling, from biographies to magazines to novels. She believes that although the process of writing is arduous and unglamorous, the euphoric feeling of finishing a final draft — whatever the form it may be — is always worth the effort invested.

Sarah Grace Honsinger (Focus areas: APA, Chicago, music, history, creative writing) 

Sarah graduated in 2019 from California Baptist University with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a Bachelor of Arts in History. She is now pursuing a Masters in Music Composition and is a graduate assistant at the School of Music. In 2019, Sarah’s poetry was also published in CBU’s creative writing publication, The Dazed Starling. Sarah has been writing papers at CBU for six years, focusing primarily on research for music history, American history, and European history. She loves helping students in brainstorming essay topics, organizing their research, and giving them the tools they need to revise their current projects and to be more effective writers in the future.

Joanna Ingold (Focus areas: MLA, APA, English) 

Joanna is a senior English and History double major. She is a member of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society and has been working with the UWC since its founding in September 2019. Along with having editing internship experience, her poetry has been published in The Dazed Starling, as well as in several online journals. Joanna's involvement in the CBU Theatre program since 2017 has allowed her to express her love for the arts and humanities, while also enabling her to excel in the communicative arts. She has a passion for all things literary, but especially loves poetry, the classics, and French literature. Her expertise in MLA and APA styles makes tutoring fun. She also specializes in creating arguments, grammar and syntax, and writing non-fiction essays. Most of all, Joanna believes that literature and writing should be a way of understanding yourself in order to express your ideas in exciting, meaningful, and persuasive ways.

Melody Leon (Focus areas: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, English, Music)

Melody is a master’s student studying music performance. She always jumps at any opportunity to be involved in music by creating meaningful relationships with the people that she comes in contact with when performing or teaching. Writing has always been something that she loves and excels at. She has been tutoring English for six years now and her expertise includes essays, letters, and other academic genres for undergraduate and graduate students. Having experience as a classroom teacher at the primary, secondary, and college level, she has a proven ability to be flexible in many different settings to incorporate diverse experiences. She is passionate about helping her students engage in the revision process.

Katherine Moreno (Focus areas: APA, MLA) 

Katherine Moreno is a student here at CBU, majoring in kinesiology with a concentration in sports medicine. She aspires to earn her masters after obtaining her bachelors in science and hopes to start her own physical therapist practice in the future. Katherine has a passion for both the sciences and for writing. She believes that knowledge is power and enjoys learning new things. In addition to academics, Katherine loves to spend her free time dancing. She has danced competitively her entire life and has learned life-long lessons from her dance coaches. She has experience with APA and MLA writing formats. She believes that with good practice and hard work anyone can become a better writer. She has had many English teachers throughout her years of education who have inspired her to continue growing as a writer. She hopes that she can help others with their writing and also inspire them to continue practicing writing outside of the classroom.

Savannah Rios (Focus areas: MLA, APA, CMS, Humanities, Social Sciences)

Savannah is an undergraduate senior majoring in Early Childhood Development and striving to earn a multiple subject credential. She seeks to use her personal experience to help guide purpose-driven writers. Savannah has recently been granted the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Certificate of Clearance, which has opened up opportunities to volunteer with Riverside elementary schools as a classroom aid. She has expertise in MLA, CMS, and APA styles, as well as subject writing for English, Spanish, Psychology, Early Childhood, and Human Development. Savannah is equipped to accommodate the needs of peers seeking academic support and strives to make their experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Throughout her academic and spiritual journey at CBU, she hopes to aid her peers and demonstrate CBU’s commitment to be biblically rooted, academically prepared, globally-minded, and equipped to serve.

Clarissa Rossman (Focus areas: MLA, APA, English and Creative Writing)

Originally from San Diego, Clarissa is a Creative Writing major and Illustration minor and is expected to graduate November of 2020. Her experience in editing includes serving on the editorial board for the 6th issue of CBU’s literary journal, The Dazed Starling. She also worked as an intern for The Writer’s Workout where she critiqued and edited short stories. As for her own writing, two of her short stories were published in The Dazed Starling’s 6th issue and two pieces of creative nonfiction published in the 7th issue. Another one of her short stories was also published in Alpha Chi’s Aletheia journal. She is a member of both the Alpha Chi National Honor Society and the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. Clarissa is also the membership representative officer of CBU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta and the president of the CBU Creative Writing Club. She has a passion for storytelling and persuasive writing and has a special heart for speculative fiction. Clarissa’s writing studies have also encompassed journalism and copywriting, which have familiarized her with APA style and marketing techniques. In addition to literature, Clarissa enjoys theater and has been involved with the CBU theater department—both in cast and crew—and works as a set painter for their productions.

Emilie Thomas (Focus areas: MLA, English, Graphic Design)

Emilie is a junior English and Graphic Design double major who is unsure what the future holds for her, but is excited nonetheless! She has expertise mainly in the area of MLA, English, and Graphic Design, but is also fond of creative writing, particularly poetry, and is pursuing a concentration in the field. In her spare time, Emilie loves to read anything and everything and is currently perfecting her latte art skills. She is very passionate about acquiring new knowledge and skills, as well as helping others do the same. Due to her lifelong love of reading, Emilie celebrates the written word and heartily enjoys helping others improve their skill in writing. 

Jenna Van Mourik (Focus Areas: MLA, APA)

Jenna Van Mourik is currently enrolled at California Baptist University earning her B.A. in English and will graduate in the fall of 2020. Within the English program, Jenna has had the opportunity to practice many styles of writing including academic, business, and creative writing. Her specialties include literary analysis papers and research projects. She is a firm believer that it isn't as much about what you say, but how you say it and how you engage sources to support your arguments. She is passionate about helping others improve their rhetorical skills so that they can be more effective and convincing communicators, both in the classroom and beyond.

Jennifer Wergedal (Focus areas: (MLA, English, Creative Writing, Film)

Jennifer is a senior Creative Writing major and Film minor who is passionate about storytelling. In her spare time, she loves to write poetry, short stories, and songs. She especially loves a good plot twist. Spending her first two years as an English major at APU, she learned the basic fundamentals of literature and discovered her love for Creative Writing. In 2019, one of Jennifer’s poems was published in the school’s literary journal. As a CBU Cheerleader, Jennifer is dedicated to supporting Lancers on and off the court. She can help with the overall structure of stories and academic papers, conceptualizing ideas, and polishing finished works.

Alicia Wu (Focus areas: international students, APA, MLA, English, graduate students) 

Alicia is a masters student in English Literature. Her passion to help people and her love of literature drove her to become a tutor in the Writing Center. Alicia is originally from China where she completed her undergraduate program in English at Jiangnan University, before coming to CBU as an exchange student her junior year. She was part of the editorial group for the 7th issue of CBU's literary journal, The Dazed Starling. Her own poem chapbook Poetry and Sun will be published in August. She is a good choice for graduate students, humanities majors, and international students. 


Alumni Coaches

Joseph Arriaga

Joseph is an Alumnus of the Division of Online and Professional Studies and a founding member of the University Writing Center. He believes in the gravity of words and in their power to craft and communicate both one’s reality and one’s self. He holds an Associate Degree in Human and Behavioral Sciences from Riverside City College and Bachelor of Arts in English from California Baptist University. He specializes in MLA style research and close reading essays, but believes that the application of rhetorical skill and purpose is valuable to any subject or field. He is interested in philosophy, theory and criticism, psychology, theater, and history as fields inextricable from the realm of literature, and plans to pursue graduate study in representations of violence in literature. Most of all, Joseph is interested in people, and is committed to helping others translate who they are in the world. 

Nick Cortz  

Kasaan M. Hammon 

Kasaan completed her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an English concentration at CBU and plans to pursue a master’s degree in English. She previously studied communications at Northwestern University and has over 20 years of professional marketing and communications experience. She is winner of the 2019 President’s Award for Excellence in Writing for her essay “Knowledge Proceeds from I Am: A Philosophical Journey” and a 2019 Mensa Scholarship recipient for her essay “Why I Want to Be a Teacher.” Her articles and narratives have been published in the Malibu Times, Palms to Pines magazine, and other publications. In the realm of creative writing, she has received the William Fadiman Writing Prize, she was a featured playwright in the CalArts Theater Festival, and she has won multiple awards for her songwriting and poetry. Kasaan loves words in all media and is passionate about supporting students in communicating effectively, persuasively, and appropriately in academic and professional settings. This fall, she will begin an MA in Teaching Writing program at Johns Hopkins University.

Rebekah Puckett 

Beck graduated in May of 2020 with a degree in English and minor in children's literature. Beck was a member of the Sigma Tau Delta honors society and was published in the school's literary journal The Dazed Starling. She specializes in research papers, annotated bibliographies, and the MLA style. Upon completing her master’s program in Library and Information Sciences from San Jose State University, Beck hopes to become a children's librarian.