Mission and Core Values

Investing in lives to develop followers of Jesus

This statement defines what we do in the Spiritual Life office. It drives our conscious and unconscious efforts, our intentions and attitudes, our practices and goals.

The core values listed below are the reasons we do what we do. They drive and shape our ministry and we hope that when all is said and done, they will be what we accomplish as we follow Jesus.

  • We worship and pursue God, relying on the Holy Spirit to make us like Jesus.
  • We study, teach and apply Scripture.
  • We are a people of prayer.
  • We submit to the authority of Jesus and to the leaders He has placed in charge of us.
  • We commit to supporting the local church.
  • We actively build community.
  • We are blessed by God to bless others.
  • We share the gospel intentionally with the people around us.
  • We deliberately take the gospel to “unreached” communities around the world.
  • We make disciples who make disciples.
  • We are committed to excellence and effectiveness.