Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology

The Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology program trains students to apply psychological strategies to help clients improve physical performance and control. Students become academically prepared through a variety of biblically rooted courses in psychology and kinesiology, while also gaining hands-on experience through practicum placement and mentorship. 

Students will be trained to use mental strategies such as imagery, goal setting, and arousal regulation to help a broad range of clients, such as:

  • The professional athlete trying to reach their peak performance
  • The college athlete facing burnout
  • The coach who is trying to increase his/her team’s performance
  • The chronically ill client whose sedentary lifestyle is causing more health problems
  • The elderly client who wants to be more active with his/her grandchildren
  • The violinist who freezes on stage
  • The surgical student whose hands shake under pressure

Thus, the goal of the sport and performance consultant is to increase the quality of life of their client by helping them reach their performance and health goals. 

This program will start fall 2018, with priority applications due May 15, 2018, and regular applications due August 1, 2018. 

Program Length
12 months
Program Cost
$24,570 + fees

Why Our Program?

Certification: Our graduates are prepared to qualify for certification as a consultant in sport and performance psychology as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC). The CMPC is the highest standard of education and training in the psychological aspects of sport science. Having this certification gives our graduates a distinct advantage. 

Intensive and Focused: Classes and program experiences are intentionally crafted to be comprehensive and hands on. Within three semesters students will be prepared to be in the field, working with clients to improve their athletic performance and quality of life.