Master of Science in Education

The M.S. in Education prepares candidates to advance their proficiency as well as their professions as teachers, counselors, curriculum developers, administrators and leaders in a range of educational settings.

Candidates develop expertise in their chosen specialization and leadership skills to be a person of influence and agent of change in the field of education and beyond.

The M.S. in Education balances theory, practice and research — allowing students to understand the application of concepts in resolving real-world instructional challenges. The program blends key areas of study in leadership human growth and development, theories of learning, curriculum design and research methods. Coursework integrates multiple disciplines, allowing students to identify and build on individual strengths.

Program Length
1-2 Years
Program Cost
$19,020 - $22,824

Why our program?

The M.S. in Education offers candidates the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills in a diverse range of specialties representing dynamic areas in the field of education. Candidates supplement core courses with specialized coursework in their chosen area of interest.


  • Teaching
  • International Education
  • Instructional Design and Technology
  • Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Institutions
  • Educational Leadership for K12 Schools
  • Special Education - Mild/Moderate
  • Special Education - Moderate Severe
  • Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Demonstrate advanced understanding of the trends, issues, and research associated with education.

    2. Evaluate and conduct research to improve instructional practices and institutional cultures.

    3. Employ leadership practices to optimize educational and institutional outcomes.

    4. Articulate worldview and perspectives for enhancing student learning.

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