Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
Ed.D. Educational Leadership University of Southern California 1999
M.A. Secondary Education California State University at Long Beach 1994
B.A. Business Economics Calvin College 1983

EDU 409/509: Educational Psychology
EDU 514: Secondary Methods
EDU 518: Classroom Management and Ethics
EDU 522: Curriculum Theory and Development
EDU 580: Student Teaching and Seminar

Dispositions: Current research questions:

How do disposition develop?
What pedagogical practices do various educational entities use to instruct and assess a candidate's dispositional development?
To what extent does an institution's dispositions transfer into candidate responses on a teaching performance assessment?
Effective Teacher Preparation Programs: Current Research Questions:

What are effective pedagogical practices for transferring course learning into classroom practices?
How can instructors effectively integrate individual funds of knowledge into course instruction and assignments?
What does research suggest regarding effective teacher education program design?
Program Improvement: Current Research Questions

How can inquiry questions assist programs in moving assessment from a compliance orientation to one that brings about genuine improvement?
How can the elements of a professional learning community be combined with the elements of the current accreditation program improvement model?
How can a school's leadership create a culture that values improvement?

2002-2007 Biola University La Mirada, California
1999-2002 Calvin College Grand Rapids, Michigan
1990-1999 Valley Christian Middle School Cerritos, California

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Long Beach Christian Reformed Church, Long Beach, CA

Board of Institutional Reviewer - California Commission on Teacher Credentialing