Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry

The Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry is designed for lay people and clergy who wish to provide Christian counseling in a congregational setting.

Students benefit from a curriculum designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness needed for effective, Christ-centered counseling ministries.

A highly innovative program, the MA in Counseling Ministry is guided by a philosophy that views the congregation as a holistic community. Students are trained to support and promote the health of their congregational communities, as invested members as well as knowledgeable counselors.

Program Length
1-2 Years
Program Cost

Why our program?

The Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry offers training in the application of counseling and psychological theory in the context of church-based counseling. Students in the program are prepared for work in churches, mission agencies and other settings where lay counseling, support groups and healing ministries are provided.

  • Optional

    Professional Ministry Concentration:
    Designed for credentialed clergy seeking to provide counseling within congregational communities, this concentration combines the core courses of the MA in Counseling Ministry with additional psychology courses.

    Research in Counseling Ministry Concentration:
    With this concentration students will complete the same core program with an additional focus on preparation for direct research related to Professional and Ministry Counseling in the congregational context.

    Dual Degree:
    The MA in Counseling Ministry can be paired with the MS in Counseling Psychology, preparing candidates for MFT licensure as well as church-based counseling.

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