General Education Requirements and Transfer Student Information

Foundations Each course required
Composition ENG 113 or ENG 113E
Intermediate Composition ENG 123 or ENG 123E
Mathematics MAT115, 123, or higher
Biblical Theological Core 9 units required
Christian Studies CST (not 491), ICS, BUS237, BUS337
ISP [Max 3 units] CST491
Philosophy (Online students only, max 3 units) PHI
Civic World 6 units required
Political Worldview (WLD 161) WLD161
Economics ECO (new prefix for transfer courses) BUS217, BUS218
History HIS, CST360
Political Science PAD, POL
Law LAW (new prefix for transfer courses) BUS358, PAD453, POL485
Creative World 3 units required
Creative Worldview (WLD 171) WLD171
Creative Writing CRW (new prefix for transfer courses) ENG273
Design DES
Film Production FLP
Fine Art ART
Graphic Design GDM
Illustration ILL
Music MUS
Photography PHO
Theatre THE
Cultural World 3 units required
Cultural Worldview (WLD 181) WLD181
English ENG (except for Creative Writing)
Film FLM
Foreign Language ASL, CHI, FRE, GRK, HEB, LAT, LNG, RUS, SPA
Philosophy PHI
Humanities HUM
Natural World 4 units required (note: lab not required)
Natural Worldview (WLD 121) WLD121
Biological Science BIO
Environmental Science ENV
Chemical Science CHE
Physical Science PSC
Physics PHY
Science SCI
Personal World 3 units required
Finance FIN
Foreign Language ASL, CHI, FRE, GRK, HEB, LAT, LNG, RUS, SPA
Leadership LDR
Technology CIS, CIT, CSC, CYB, ETC
Intercultural Perspectives ICP (new prefix for transfer courses) ENG313, HIS223, HIS311, HIS315, HIS325, HIS393, HMS310, SOC338, SOC345
Kinesiology KIN
Health Science/Nutrition HSC, NFS
Social World 6 units required
Social Worldview (WLD 141) WLD141
Anthropology ANT
Behavioral Science/Christian Behavioral Science BEH, CBS
Communication Studies COM
Psychology PSY
Public Relations PRL
Social Work SWK
Sociology SOC
  • Courses may not double count in the general education, but may be applied to a major, minor or concentration.
  • Students are required to enroll in the composition requirements until successfully completed.
  • Introduction to discipline courses are not considered part of GE.
  • General education requirements are waived, with the exception of the Biblical and Theological Core (CST) and two semesters of English composition (ENG 113 or 113E, and ENG 123 or 123E) for individuals transferring to CBU with a CSU General Education Breadth, IGETC certified associate’s degree or approved ADT.
  • Online Students may replace 3 units of Biblical and Theological Core with Philosophy.

Transferring to CBU Online

Part of our mission at CBU Online is to increase access to higher education by providing clear transfer pathways and removing obstacles for transfer students. Outlined below are three pathways for transferring to CBU Online:

  • General Transfer of Credits
  • IGETC or CSU GE Certified Associate's Degree
  • Associate's Degree for Transfer (ADT)

To ease the financial burden of transferring, CBU Online offers a free application process and the Fast Track to Success Program, which offers tuition scholarships for students transferring from partnering community colleges.

General Transfer of Credits

CBU Online strives to utilize your hard earned credits from other institutions, examinations (AP, CLEP,DANTES, IB), military training represented in joint service transcripts, and POST. A maximum of 100 semester units may be accepted in transfer toward fulfilling bachelor degree requirements (see Transfer Restriction below).
If you have earned credits from multiple sources in multiple disciplines, then consider designing your own bachelor’s degree through the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) . The IDS program allows transfer students to capitalize on the work already completed.

Transferring with an IGETC or CSU GE Certified Associate's Degree

General education requirements are waived, with the exception of the Biblical and Theological Core (CST) and English composition (ENG 113 and ENG 123 unless equivalent courses were taken) for individuals transferring to CBU with a CSU General Education Breadth or IGETC* certified associate’s degree. Associate's Degree must post before beginning coursework at CBU Online.

When ordering your official transcripts, remember to ask that your IGETC or CSU GE certification be attached when sending to CBU Online!

*IGETC - Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

CSU GE - California State University General Education Breadth Requirements

Transferring with an Associate's Degree for Transfer earned in California

CBU Online participates in the Associate's Degree for Transfer Program , which provides students a clear academic roadmap and streamlines the transfer process between California Community Colleges and participating four-year colleges and universities. Qualifying students will be accepted with a junior standing with a minimum of 60 units transferred. CBU Online accepts Associate in Arts for Transfer [AA-T] or an Associate in Science for Transfer [AS-T]. AA-T and AS-T do not fulfill CBU distinctive Christian Studies requirement.

Transfer Restrictions

A maximum of 100 semester units may be accepted in transfer toward fulfilling bachelor degree requirements. Within these 100 units, the following restrictions apply:

  • No more than 30 upper division units may be transferred.
  • No more than 90 lower division units may be transferred.
  • A maximum of 30 semester units is allowable from examinations (AP, CLEP, DANTES, IB)
  • A maximum of 18 units may be accepted in transfer at the lower division level for college transcript completion of a Basic Peace Officer Standards Training (POST certificate).
  • Only coursework completed with a grade of C- or better will be accepted in transfer.
  • All bachelor programs at CBU require a minimum of 36 residency units; 30 of which must be upper division.

The CBU Online Registrar will evaluate previous college work to determine its relationship to the requirements of California Baptist University. Lower division units and units from institutions that do not offer a baccalaureate degree will not be accepted for upper division credit. California Baptist University does not accept transfer work that was not designated as baccalaureate degree-applicable by the issuing institution (e.g. remedial course, non-credit courses).

Transfer Tools

Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. You can use this site to find out if your courses will transfer to CBU Online. Please Note: not all institutions may be included, only those who have subscribed to Transferology. If your school does not subscribe to Transferology, then contact CBU Online Enrollment Services for a personalized transfer evaluation.