joshua fullman

Dr. Joshua Fullman
Director of University Writing Center
Professor of English 

Joshua S. Fullman is Director of the University Writing Center and Professor of English. He is passionate about writing and literature, using those unique, artistic expressions of the human soul to engage in intellectual growth and spiritual formation. He believes that any student can improve his or her writing skills with hard work, consistent discipline, and positive mentoring.  

Dr. Fullman has earned an MBA (Faulkner University, 2023), a PhD, English (Southern Illinois, 2013), an MSc, Medieval Studies (University of Edinburgh, 2008), and an MA, English (California State Fullerton, 2005). He has twice earned Excellence in Teaching awards for his ability to integrate the arts and faith in creative, dynamic ways. He has published a book of poetry, Voices of Iona (Resource Publications, 2022), and his poems and articles have appeared in the North American Anglican Review, An Unexpected Journal, and W-Poesis.  


Writing Coaches

sydney aguas

Sydney Aguas 
Master of English, Literature
Focus Areas: 
ENG113, ENG123, MLA, APA, Graduate Students

Sydney is a first-year student in the MA English program, with a focus in Literature. In 2020, Sydney graduated summa cum laude from CBU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and minors in Christian Studies and History. After finishing her master’s degree, she intends to pursue her PhD, with the ultimate goal of becoming a creative writing professor, as well as continuing her career as a novelist. While earning her bachelor’s degree, Sydney published multiple pieces in CBU’s Dazed Starling journal, and later went on to publish an original poetry collection, titled Mediator. She specializes in writing, grammar, and literature, and she is well-versed in both MLA and APA. Sydney believes in using the skills God has given her to help others discover their potential to be excellent writers.


sammy carter

Sammy Carter 
Major: English, minor in Philosophy
Focus Areas: APA, MLA, Graduate Students, Students with Various Abilities, Arts and Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Sammy Carter is a senior, double majoring in English and Philosophy. He is planning on pursuing a PhD with the intent to become an English Professor. Outside of academics, he loves surfing, skating, and listening to and finding music (particularly hip-hop, rock, and EDM). He has a passion for helping others understand and communicate complicated things in a way that is easily manageable. Fostering growth, progress, and creative expression is his number one priority as a writing coach and future educator. He has expertise with MLA and APA and enjoys the planning and structuring processes of essay writing.


Tamara Duncan 
Major: Master of Education, Single-Subject Teaching Credential
Focus Areas: APA, MLA, Graduate Students

Tamara recently graduated from the online Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in English. She is pursuing her single-subject teaching credential and Master of Education to catapult her career as an English teacher. She is a mother of two children and three dogs. Tamara enjoys growing her own food, living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and spending time in nature. As a world traveler, Tamara has visited Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, and Costa Rica, but her favorite is Kauai, which holds a special place in her heart. As a writer, Tamara enjoys writing poetry and prose to keep her creative juices flowing. Helping students grow and expand their writing skills and find their voice through writing is one of the passions she brings to her tutoring sessions. Tamara is comfortable with MLA and APA formatting and enjoys working with students to hone their writing skills.

gabriela gomez

Gabriela Gomez
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, MLA, Chicago/Turabian

Gabriela (Gabby) Gomez is a senior, undergraduate student majoring in Architecture at CBU. On campus, Gabby is involved in both NOMAS and AIAS, two clubs aimed at building community among architecture students and helping them prepare for the field. Within both her design process and hopes as a Writing Coach, Gabby’s goal is to utilize her creative abilities to serve and inform others. After graduating, Gabby will pursue a Master's degree in Architecture at CBU, and has hopes of later pursuing a Ph.D. When not designing or writing, she spends her time reading and sketching. With the Writing Center, Gabby looks forward to supporting students and helping them grow in their abilities to effectively communicate their ideas through writing.


Megan Madrigal
Major: English, concentration in Creative Writing
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, MLA, Creative Writing

Megan is a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. She loves learning in all capacities but especially about history, culture, and literature. Her interests include everything related to the arts. After graduating, she hopes to become a middle school English teacher to inspire and encourage people to explore the art of communication as well as how it shapes our outlook and quality of life. 


Karissa Moritz 
Major: Architecture
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, APA

Karissa is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying architecture and plans to pursue a master's degree following graduation. With a passion for serving others, Karissa's designs strive to cultivate community, goodness, truth, and beauty. In addition to design, Karissa is passionate about the art of writing and helping students develop a strong rhetoric. Karissa believes anyone can become a powerful communicator and strives to help students articulate ideas clearly and find their voice. Aside from academics, Karissa enjoys gardening, practicing French culinary arts, and ingesting copious amounts of coffee.


Audrey Smith 
Major: Creative Writing
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, MLA, Creative Writing

Audrey Smith is an undergraduate student studying creative writing. Audrey enjoys serving her fellow students and having good conversations about literature, faith, journalism, or other fields of interest. She is also the President of the Creative Writing Club. Audrey loves encouraging other writers by offering feedback, engaging in community discussions, and talking about her favorite reads. After graduation, Audrey plans on becoming an English professor, editor, and author. Apart from reading and writing, Audrey loves hanging out with friends, painting, music, fitness, and tea. 

aliya beaupain

Aliya Beaupain 
Major: Creative Writing, Minor in Theatre
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, MLA

Aliya is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a B.F.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in theatre. Aliya believes that proper communication is the gateway to personal expression, professional opportunity, academic excellence, and conflict resolution. It is her firm belief that every student has the potential to become a skilled communicator, a talent that will serve them not only in the linguistic and scholastic fields, but far beyond. Her goal is to help students refine and sharpen their writing voice, expressing their unique ideas to the best of their ability. In her free time, Aliya enjoys reading, writing, jewelry making, and fitness.


alyssa corona

Ashley Corona 
Major: Master of School Counseling
Focus Areas: APA, Graduate Students, Multilingual Students, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Ashley is currently pursuing her Master of Science in School Counseling. She hopes to help multilingual writers as well as first-generation students during their journey through academic writing and higher education. She understands the importance of having a support system to achieve academic goals and hopes to help students build a passion for writing. Ashley enjoys reading books, cooking, and baking. She hopes to become a school counselor to give back to her community and support multilingual families.

will emerson 

Will Emerson 
Major: History, minor in Christian Studies
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, APA

Will Emerson is a sophomore, majoring in History and minoring in Christian Studies. He plans on pursuing a teaching role at the high school or college level with a master’s or PhD. Outside of academics, Will is involved in CBU’s music program (where he plays the trumpet) and Spiritual Life program. His hobbies include making and listening to music, hiking, basketball, and rooting for his favorite baseball team, the Dodgers. He passionately believes that anyone can be a great writer, and he wants nothing more than for each of his tutees to experience both success on a given paper and improvement in long-term writing habits. He specializes in structure and formatting, and seeks to cultivate improved rhetoric in CBU writers.


Kennedy Luevano
Radiologic Sciences
Focus Areas: 
MLA, APA, Students with Various Abilities, Arts and Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Creative Writing, Literature, Health Science

Kennedy Luevano is a third-year undergraduate student at CBU majoring in Radiologic Sciences. She has a spirited sense of purpose rooted in serving others and aspires to fulfill this purpose through her career in healthcare. Apart from her interest in science and medicine, she enjoys painting, writing poetry, and fashion. Kennedy has experience with MLA and APA formats and is well-versed in essay structure, rhetorical devices, and literature analysis. Kennedy believes the potential to be a skillful writer and communicator is not reserved only for those with natural talent--anyone with passion, dedication, and a good teacher can become a proficient writer.


Jordyn McClellan
Major: English
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, MLA, ESL

Jordyn is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in TESOL. Jordyn plans on pursuing a Master’s degree after graduating from CBU with the intent to teach English globally. Outside of school, Jordyn loves going to the beach, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for writing, believes education is a transformative experience, and hopes always to be a lifelong learner. As a Writing Center coach, Jordyn hopes to come alongside her peers and encourage them in their writing journey by helping them develop successful writing habits. She views language as a form of creative expression that allows people to imagine new possibilities. She is dedicated to her peers’ academic success and growth and looks forward to opportunities to help others grow in their writing.


Noah Sigsbee 
Major: Master of Education
Focus Areas: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Graduate Students, History, Literature, Education, Music

Noah Sigsbee is a graduate student working towards a Master’s degree in Education. He graduated from CBU with Bachelor’s degrees in History and English in May 2022 and earned his Single Subject Social Science credential in May 2023. Along with his studies and work at the writing center, Noah is also a substitute teacher in Riverside. Noah is very passionate about helping guide fellow students to be better writers and believes that writing is an extremely valuable skill that can be developed with practice and assistance just like any other. He hopes that he will be able to inspire growth in many people through the writing center and looks forward to any opportunities to help others grow and learn.


Emma Totaro
Major: Creative Writing
Focus Areas: ENG113, ENG123, MLA, Creative Writing 

Emma is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a Creative Writing degree. Emma’s goal in life is to serve people in the publishing field as an editor. She hopes one day to be an established fiction author as well. In her spare time, Emma plays the flute in CBU’s Symphonic Band and the Lancer Pep Band. Emma strives to be a light to fellow students and help them become better writers. She is looking forward to creating positive experiences with students and empowering them through learning the art of writing and communicating efficiently.

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