“We must view support raising as such a reward that to withhold it from potential partners is doing them a great disservice.” —Andrew Knight, Support Trainer for Campus Outreach

Personal Support Raising

Most ISP participants successfully fund their projects through personal support raising. Building a support team of family, friends, and acquaintances is excellent preparation to serve overseas. Participants see God faithfully provide the resources needed for their project resulting from their diligent effort. Participants can also choose to pay through a combination of both support raising and personal finances.

The Mobilization team equips students to raise support through Support Raising Workshops and provides a platform for participants to have a personal support-raising page. You can find more information about these channels of support-raising below. 

Support-Raising Workshops

All ISP participants are required to attend a workshop after being accepted to the ISP Program. Workshops are a key tool in training students to understand the biblical foundation of support raising, practical tools to equip them to raise a support team successfully, and testimonies and best practices to give them confidence in God's ability to fund their project. Students will choose to attend one of the following workshops:

  • November 28, 2023 from 6 pm -- Innovators Auditorium

Participant Support Page

All ISP participants receive a personalized link to develop a support page. Participants personalize their pages with a picture, a short bio, and a description of their passion for engaging in an International Service Project. The link also includes team information describing the task and the projects' cost with a declining balance that tracks contributions. Participants share the link with potential supporters, who can choose to give financially toward their project.

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