What to Pack

As you prepare to move into your new room or apartment at CBU, please take some time to look over the following lists of items to bring that will help it feel more like home. 

Packing List

When considering what to bring, please remember two basic rules:

  1. You cannot install or affix anything in the room or apartment that will be permanent or cause damage to walls, doors, ceilings or floors.
  2. You will be sharing space with another person or persons. Contact your roommate(s) and discuss what you each plan to bring. Needless to say, there may not be room for two mini fridges, two televisions, etc.

The following lists should help you decide what to bring:


Suggested Items

Prohibited Items

Alarm clock


Bed linens


Bed covers

Towels and washcloths


Toilet paper (not required for Smith and Simmons Hall)


Laundry supplies

Cleaning supplies (Windex, toilet bowl scrubber, cleaning wipes, surface cleaner, a broom, etc.)


Trash bags

Paper towels 

Shower curtain*

*This item is essential specifically for residents of apartments and Tower Hall.                                                                                                                   


Television (see note below)


Laundry basket

Iron/ironing board

Recreation equipment

Surge Protected Power Strip

Lamp/desk lamp


Mattress pad

Mini fridge (2' x 3')


First Aid kit



Cooking utensils*

*These items are suggested specifically for residents of apartments, Cottages and Tower Hall.                                               

Pets (except fish—fish must be in a tank smaller then 10 gallons)







Candle warmers

Sun lamps/space heaters


Extension cords 

Christmas lights


Rice cooker*



Toaster ovens*

*These items are prohibited ONLY in Smith and Simmons Hall.

Safety and sanitary considerations prohibit the items listed above. If you should arrive with any of these items, you will be required to send them home. If they are found in your room later in the semester you will be subject to fines and judicial action. 

Apartments, Cottages and Tower Hall are furnished with:

  • An extra long twin bed (80" x 36") for each student
  • A desk and chair for each student
  • A dresser for each student
  • Couches and chairs
  • Coffee table/end table
  • Dining table and chairs (not in Tower Hall)
  • Refrigerator 
  • Some apartment units may have additional appliances

Smith and Simmons Hall are furnished with:

  • A bed for each student [extra long twin (80" x 36") in Smith Hall and a regular twin (72" x 36") in Simmons Hall]
  • A desk and chair for each student
  • A dresser for each student
  • Built-in closets 
  • Sink and mirror
  • Medicine cabinet

Internet and Cable 

Cable: CBU provides Charter digital cable to each living area without the use of cable boxes.  However, a digital QAM tuner TV will be needed. Most TVs that were manufactured after 2006 will have this built-in. For older TVs, an external digital converter box with "NTSC clear QAM tuner" functionality will be needed.  

Internet: CBU provides free wireless internet throughout the campus and the living areas.