Housing Policies

Why is it important to know about housing policies?

Every year CBU publishes and distributes the Student Handbook, which contains the academic calendar as well as the Standard of Student Conduct. All students are responsible for knowing the policies that are listed in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook is there to help familiarize yourself with our university's policies. You don't want to be surprised by rules that you didn't know existed and you definitely don't want to get in trouble or be fined for doing something you didn't know wasn't allowed.

The Student Handbook also lists important dates such as when housing closes for Christmas and summer break, when students can move in for the spring semester and when returning students can apply for next year's housing. 

The link below will take you to a PDF of our 2016–2017 Student Handbook. Information pertaining to Residence Life is listed on pages 83–96 although we do recommend that students read the whole handbook. 

Student Handbook