Department of Chemical Sciences

Chemistry is central to a wide array of careers in exciting fields. Whether you’re looking to enter health care, research, industry, education or forensics we have a program for you.

Our major in biochemistry and molecular biology is a favorite with analytically minded students interested in pursuing medical research or wanting to become doctors, dentists and more. Our chemistry major is our most flexible, where graduates go on to advanced degrees and work in pharmacy, education, research and industry just to name a few. Forensic chemistry is our most unique major, where you’ll learn enough chemistry to work in research or industry, but also learn to apply chemistry in forensics and law enforcement careers. Some students have passions too diverse to fit within a single major, which is why we also offer minors in chemistry and in forensic chemistry to complement the wide array of other majors available at CBU.

In each of these programs it is our mission to provide strong academic foundations, hands on laboratory experience and a deep faith foundation to equip students for future success.