Researchers and Research Assistants


Robert Crosby
Dr. Robert G. Crosby III

Professor of Psychology
Online and Professional Studies

Erin Smith

Dr. Erin I. Smith

Professor of Psychology
Director of Research for CBSS

The Church and Development Lab is highly collaborative. Starting back in 2014, Drs. Crosby and Smith have collaborated on a number of projects investigating children’s experience of social support at church. Since that time, additional members have joined the team in various capacities, including Dr. Leon Blanchette (chair of Christian Ministry, Olivet Nazarene University) and Dr. Greg Palardy (associate professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Riverside). As our research continues to develop, we plan to increase our partnerships and collaborations to best answer the important questions in our research.

Research Assistants

Cody MobergCody Moberg is currently serving as the lab manager and coordinator for the project “Characteristics of Effective Children’s Church Ministries.” Originally from San Diego, CA, Cody moved to Riverside to attend college at California Baptist University to study psychology. Since his graduation in 2017, he has moved to Washington to attend Seattle Pacific University for a master’s degree (and eventually, Lord willing, a Ph.D.).