Doctoral Programs

California Baptist University offers four on-campus doctoral programs in the fields of clinical psychology, leadership studies, nursing practice, and social work. Those who attain these terminal degrees will become experts, teachers and leaders and will have the skills and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of many. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you'll feel after completing your academic journey having attained the highest degree in your field. 

If your professional schedule limits your ability to traditionally attend classes on campus, CBU also offers three doctoral programs completely online in the field of administration.

Clinical Psychology, PsyD

The doctoral students in the PsyD program will develop the requisite skills, attitudes, knowledge and behavior to serve a diverse public as clinical psychologists.

Leadership Studies, PhD

Reach the highest level of leadership education with a PhD in Leadership Studies from CBU, an excellent choice for those seeking senior leadership positions.

Nursing Practice, DNP

Nurses prepared at the doctoral level will be able to lead the development of solutions to the complex health problems facing underserved and vulnerable populations locally and globally.

Doctor of Social Work, DSW

The CBU DSW will equip students with advanced training and practice skills in social work, which are essential for leadership in community and faith-based organizations; social policy advocacy; and practice mastery.