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Undergraduate Degrees Offered

Program Highlights

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Study a relevant and comprehensive curriculum that prepares future performers, studio producers, and composers to successfully enter the music industry upon graduation.

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Perfect your performance skills with in-depth training in technique, repertoire, interpretation, style, stagecraft, and studio acumen.

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Create music day-one in our state-of-the-art studio facilities.

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Work with world-class resident and artist faculty, including Grammy and Dove Award-winner Tom Brooks, Alan Parsons, Nathan East, Sheila E., Tim Davis, Vinnie Colaiuta, Adam Watts, Paul Jackson Jr., and many more.

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Create invaluable industry connections, interning at professional Southern California studios.

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Study with world-class vocal and instrumental faculty and develop your performance craft to its full potential. Embrace hundreds of opportunities to perform in studio and concert settings.

Industry Projections

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Course Highlights

  • PHY125

    Physics of Music and Lab

  • MUS016

    Rhythm Instruments I, II

  • MUS046

    Popular Music Ensemble: 50s-70s

  • MUS047

    Popular Music Ensemble: 80s-Contemporary

  • MUS217

    Critical Listening for Music Production

  • MUS236

    Music Entrepreneurship

  • MUS246

    Music Marketing

  • MUS306

    History of Popular Music

  • MUS336

    Commercial Arranging I, II

  • MUS337

    Audio Signal Processing

  • MUS347

    Music Production I, II

  • MUS366

    Live Sound Techniques and Applications

  • MUS377

    Post-Production and Editing

  • MUS386

    Audio Recording and Studio Techniques I, II

  • MUS460

    Private Instruction (voice, instrument, or piano)

  • MUS487

    Sound Design for Film and Multimedia

  • MUS497

    Studio Production Project II


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