CBU's College of Nursing has a list of scholarships and loans for nursing students. Read below to find out more about each one and the process for applying.  

  1. F.A. Davis Fall 2023 Scholarship — Now accepting applications
  2. Accredited Schools Online has provided an expert-driven guide, which includes an extensive list of scholarships and resources to help nursing students pay for school, including information on applying for grants, the Yellow Ribbon program, and other loan forgiveness resources.
  3. Healthcare Leaders Scholarship Sponsored by Nurse.org: Nurse.org is seeking applications for the Healthcare Leaders Scholarship. To be eligible for the $1000 award, students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above, be pursuing a degree related to healthcare, and submit a 600-1000 word essay. The scholarship is offered once a year and award is paid directly to the student. Visit our website for full scholarship details and online application.
  4. HealthGrad.com offers biannual $2,000 merit-based Healthcare Leadership Scholarships open to any student currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or Doctorate level healthcare programs.
  5. CampusRN Health Careers: Search Thousands of Entry Level Jobs, Externships, & Scholarship Opportunities. CampusRN has $15,000 in scholarships available to nursing and allied health students.
  6. Association of California Nurse Leaders offers Advanced Degree Scholarships 
  7. 21 Public Health Scholarships and Tips
  8. CA State Grants Portal (BSN)
  9. CA State Grants Portal (Advanced Practice)
  10. Oncology Nursing Society: ONS Foundation Awards, Grants, Scholarships
  11. DAT National Society: Daughters of the American Revolution
  12. Discover Nursing
  13. Nursing Pathways Southern California
  14. Federal Grants Wire
  15. MinorityNurse.com
  16. Indian Health Services
  17. Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow (Multiple Resources)
  18. American Association of Colleges of Nursing Education Center
  19. Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA)
  20. BSN Education Nursing Scholarships
  21. Nurse.org Scholarships 
  22. Nitro College
  23. Scholarships.com - Unusual Scholarships, have various ethnicity scholarships
  24. Niche.com
  25. Gerogetown School of Nursing & Health Sciences Nursing Scholarship
  26. FA Davis Scholarships
  27. Simmons University
  28. Affordable Colleges Online
  29. College Express
  30. Unigo
  31. The Classroom
  32. Top RN to BSN (Nursing Scholarships for students, including different ethnic groups).
  33. Christian Connector Incorp.
  34. Nursing Scholarships US
  35. Air Force ROTC Scholarship
  36. Army ROTC Scholarship Opportunities
  37. College of Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees
  38. Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  39. Navy/Marine ROTC Scholarship Opportunities and Application
  40. College Consensus
  41. NurseJournal.org
  42. AllNursingSchools.com
  43. Calbaptist Academic Works
  44. National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF)
  45. Gersowitz, Libo , & Korek P.C.


Scholarships related to Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practioners

  1. American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Scholarships
  2. American College of Health care Exectutives (ACHE) Scholarships
  3. Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Scholarships
  4. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Scholarships
  5. John A. Hartford Foundation Scholarship
  6. Southeastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging (SE4A) Scholarship

Federal Nurse Faculty Loan Program

The Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) is a loan forgiveness program that prepares and trains qualified nurse educators to fill vacancies and serve as full-time nursing faculty for the prescribed period of time. The purpose of the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP) is to increase the number of qualified nursing faculty to facilitate education of the nurses needed to address the current nursing workforce shortage. The NFLP is funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and is administered by California Baptist University.

Download the NFLP Application

Frequently Asked Questions

The number and amount of NFLP loans is limited by the amount of funding provided to the institution by the Department of Health and Human Services. The maximum amount of the loan is $25,000 per year and cannot exceed 5 years of support; the actual amount awarded to a student will depend upon their enrollment and other funding sources.
You may cover your education costs with a number of funding sources, however you cannot use NFLP to cover the same charges that are being covered by tuition remission/reimbursement or a tuition scholarship.
NFLP loans are awarded for tuition, required fees, and standard book expenses only. NFLP loans do not include stipend support (i.e., living expenses, student transportation, room/board, personal expenses). However, students may apply for support from other federal programs (Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan Program, Graduate PLUS Loan Program) when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at studentaid.gov
An NFLP loan is not transferrable between schools. You must reapply for consideration at CBU.
You should discuss with the Nursing Department which courses or approved educational component you will need to take in addition to your DNP program requirements in order to fulfill the terms of the NFLP loan.
Students can borrow all, part, or none of the NFLP loan funds they have been awarded. You are, however, required to notify the Financial Aid Office of whether you accept or decline the loan funds being offered to you.
The amount you can receive in NFLP is directly dependent upon the number of credits for which you enroll. Students are initially awarded NFLP based upon anticipated fall and spring semester enrollment. Therefore, if you decrease the number of credits you take, your NFLP loan will also be decreased. If you increase the number of credits you take, your NFLP loan may be increased dependent upon available funding at that time.

Full time nurse faculty employment is designated by the lending institution and includes the following:

  • 1 Full-time faculty position (tenure or non-tenure track) = 1 Full-time employment status  
  • 1 Part-time faculty position (adjunct faculty/clinical instructor/part-time faculty) + 1 Part-time faculty position = 1 Full-time employment status
  • 1 Part-time faculty position + 1 Clinical educator position (clinical educator, clinical preceptor) = 1 Full-time employment status

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