The Department of Public Health Science is dedicated to preparing students for immediate employment or successful entry into graduate school. Each major requires undergraduate students to complete a culminating experience during their senior year. Students can choose the culminating experience (Capstone, Practicum or Global Health Engagement) that best fits their interests and career choices.


Capstone (HSC499)

The purpose of the HSC499 is to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to engage in research under the close supervision and interaction with a faculty member. Students can either work on an existing project with a professor or propose a new research study. This will culminate in a written report and presentation. Students wishing to enroll in HSC499 should meet with the faculty member of their choice the semester before course enrollment, complete the HSC499 form and proposal, and submit the HSC499 proposal and form to the Department Secretary to receive authorization to enroll in the course. Please note that students must have their HSC499 Capstone proposal approved before the end of the first week of courses for the term.

Capstone 1


Practicum (HSC495)

The purpose of the HSC495 is to provide students with real-world experience in their career field. Gaining internship experience can help to reinforce and enhance your undergraduate studies, as well as cultivate valuable professional skills and gain the necessary experience in the field of public health. Students will also participate in resume building, a mock job interview, and other professional development activities. Students wishing to enroll in HSC495 must first complete the practicum orientation the semester before enrolling in the course and complete application paperwork. Please contact Brittany Davies for more information.

Practicum 1

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