The School of Christian Ministries Lecture Series provides an opportunity for students, faculty, pastors, and guests to learn from leading evangelical scholars who combine their academic expertise with service to the church. Our goal is to provide thoughtful academic presentations that stir godly affections and lead to action. If you have any questions about the Lecture Series or would like to know more about the School of Christian Ministries, please contact Anthony Chute, associate dean of the School of Christian Ministries. 

October 3, 2023
Dr. Frank Thielman, chair of divinity and professor of New Testament at Beeson Divinity School
God's Empowering Grace

February 23, 2023
Dr. Mariam Kovalishyn, associate professor of New Testament at Regent College
Good Religion? How the Gospel Transforms Everything (James 1:26-27)

October 4, 2022
Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson, chancellor’s professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary
To Know Christ

March 29, 2022
Dr. Walter R. Strickland II, assistant professor of Systematic and Contextual Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
"The Gifts of the African-American Christian Tradition"

November 9, 2021
Dr. Gregg Allison, professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 
"The Holy Spirit and the Church"

September 28, 2021
Dr. Ray Ortlund, president of Renewal Ministries
Revival: The Theology and Ministry of True Awakening

March 11, 2020
Dr. David Platt, pastor of McLean Bible Church
Disregarding the Goal of God

November 7, 2019
Dr. Ronald L. Ellis, President at California Baptist University
"Thoughts on Building a University Committed to the Great Commission: A Quarter Century and Counting"

October 24, 2019
Dr. Mike Bullmore, Pastor at Crossway Community Church
"The Five Greatest Heart Challenges of Preaching"

March 6, 2019
Dr. Graham Cole, Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Just What Is The Holy Spirit Doing Now?” 

February 14, 2019
Dr. Ray Ortlund, Pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tennessee
Gospel Culture: What It Is” 
Gospel Culture: How It Works"

October 16–17, 2018
Dr. David Dockery, President of Trinity International University
Challenges, Coherence, and Confession: A Distinctive Approach to Christian Higher Education” 
The Southern Baptist Convention: Understanding the Past, Charting the Future

April 5, 2018
Dr. Ray Van Neste, Professor of Biblical Studies, Union University
The Portrait of a Faithful Pastor

February 5, 2018
Dr. D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
How Should Christians Think About Suffering and Evil?
What Happened When Joseph Faced Sexual Temptation?

Oct 19, 2017
Dr. Steve Lawson, Professor of Preaching and Dean of the Doctor of Ministry program, The Master’s University
Martin Luther: Thundering Voice of the Reformation

Oct 17, 2017
Dr. Doug J. Moo, Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College
Celebrating Justification: Some Remarks on the Reformation Doctrine After Five Centuries
What Christian Higher Education Is All About: Renewing the Mind

Mar 30, 2017
Dr. Tom Schreiner, Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Associate Dean of the School of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Justification by Faith Alone

Nov 1, 2016
Dr. John MacArthur, President, Master’s College and The Master’s Seminary
Why I Love the Church” 

Sept 27, 2016
Dr. Gregg Allison, Professor of Christian Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
The Trinity and the Church

Feb 23, 2016
Dr. John Mahony, Professor of Theology, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
Purchased Grace

Jan 28, 2016
Dr. D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Psalm 40
Q&A Panel

Nov 3, 2015
Dr. Paul House, Professor of Old Testament, Beeson Divinity School
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and His Vision for Education

Oct 6, 2015
Dr. David Dockery, President of Trinity International University
Southern Baptists and Evangelicals Revisited

Sept 24, 2015
Dr. Steve Nichols, President of Reformation Bible College
Courage, Conviction, and the Cross: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Our Cultural Challenge

Apr 9, 2015
Dr. Timothy George, founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School
Seven Turning Points in Luther’s Life

Mar 10, 2015
Dr. George Guthrie, Professor of Bible, Union University
Responding to False Forms of Ministry

Jan 22, 2015
Dr. Steve Wellum, Professor of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Jesus as Lord and Son: Two Complementary Truths of Biblical Christology

Nov 18, 2014
Dr. Bob Yarbrough, Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary
“The Reality of God? Assurance in 1 John” (no video available)


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