The primary goal of Principles and Practices of Just Engagement is to provide an alternative model to traditional short-term mission and service projects; prioritizing both faith-informed calls to service and scientifically informed guidelines for ethical engagement. Specifically, the project will develop and utilize an evidence-based, trauma-informed model of engagement to support just practices for short-term mission and service projects intended to benefit orphans and other vulnerable populations. The model will be developed for churches, nonprofits, and university-based programs.

Lab Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together experts and important voices across the spectrum of church, non-profit, and university programs involved in short-term missions and service with vulnerable populations. Moreover, we purpose to champion best-practices in engagement through the dissemination of scientifically informed guidelines for working with orphans and other vulnerable populations.  Specifically, through open access to research outcomes, and learning modalities, individuals, groups, and organizations can remain committed to their respective calls to service, while reducing risk and prioritizing the needs, concerns, and best interest of host populations. 

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