For more than 40 years, the mission of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences has set us apart as an integral investment for student success compared with other programs.  Understanding one's faith as foundational, building relationships between students and faculty as well as the community and fostering leadership are among the most important qualities we impart to our graduates.

The vision of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is to develop quality graduates that are equipped to face the challenges of the world and serve at the highest caliber in their fields.  Our distinct philosophy includes a significant student-professor interaction, an intentional integration of a mature, biblical worldview, a holistic, interdisciplinary approach and an emphasis on sound academic instruction to prepare students to compete with others in academia and in the job market. As a faculty, we strive to exemplify the cooperative, relational aspect of our field as behavioral scientists in order to best model successful integration and cross-disciplinary partnership. Our vision is to graduate students of strong, mature faith who are academically and professionally prepared for real-world application of their skills.

One of the greatest advantages of training at the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is undoubtedly the holistic method with which we approach learning and application. While theoretical frameworks are explored alongside historical perspectives of each discipline, it is the direct application of knowledge that sets us apart from other programs. The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers students many opportunities to put their skills into practice in a setting that provides individual attention and faculty guidance.

– Jacqueline Gustafson, EdD

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