1. Understanding of Early Childhood Development: Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of young children, enabling them to analyze and apply advanced theories and research findings in the field of early childhood development.
  2. Pedagogical and Leadership Skills: Students will develop pedagogical expertise and leadership skills for diverse early childhood contexts, ensuring they can design, implement, and evaluate and lead effective educational programs, interventions, and support services for children from birth to eight years old.
  3. Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Practices: Students will cultivate awareness and competence in inclusive and culturally responsive practices which enable them to create learning environments that respect and celebrate diversity. Students will develop skills to work collaboratively with families and communities, fostering positive relationships and supporting the development of all children.
  4. Worldview, Research and Advocacy: Students with examine issues related to children’s development using a Christian worldview and develop research skills enabling them to critically evaluate existing literature for the purpose of promoting children’s development. Additionally, students will develop advocacy skills to champion policies and practices that promote the well-being and rights of young children and their families.