Qualifications to Proceed to the Master of Architecture Track I Degree

Submit a formal application to the M.Arch. degree program through the graduate admissions office which includes the following requirements:

  • An earned undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above.
  • A portfolio of academic, creative, and professional work to date.
  • 160 hours or one (1) month of NCARB or equivalent experience documented via resume.
  • Completion of the following ARC courses with a grade of C- or above:
    • ARC 120 Design Communication
    • ARC 122 Design Fundamentals
    • ARC 210 Design Studio I
    • ARC 212 Design Studio II
    • ARC 220 Computer Modeling
    • ARC 240 Architectural History I
    • ARC 242 Architectural History II
    • ARC 280 Materials and Methods
    • ARC 310 Design Studio III
    • ARC 312 Design Studio IV
    • ARC 350 Architectural History
    • ARC 370 Professional Preparation
    • ARC 380 Thermal Environmental Systems
    • ARC 385 Luminous and Sonic Environmental Systems
    • ARC 393 Structural Systems I
    • ARC 410 Design Studio V
    • ARC 412 Design Studio VI
    • ARC 460 International Design Seminar 
    • ARC 462 International History and Theory Seminar
    • ARC 480 Advanced Sustainable Systems
    • ARC 493 Structural Systems II

Master of Architecture Track I Degree Requirements

  • Acceptance in the M.Arch. program having met all of the application requirements above.
  • An earned graduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Complete all graduate degree requirements with a grade of B- or above.
  • Complete a minimum total of 168 units of credit of undergraduate and graduate units with a minimum of 30 units at the graduate level (500 level courses).

Admission standards for graduate studies at California Baptist University can be found in the admissions section of the University Catalog. In addition, each candidate must meet the following requirements for this program:

  1. Prerequisites:
    • Design Studio I
    • Design Studio II
    • Computer Modeling
    • Architectural History I
    • Architectural History II
    • Materials and Methods

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