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Sports Analytics, BS

Sports analysts watch sports for a living. They gather data and statistics on players and use it to help teams perform better.

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Program Intro

A combination of math and sports, sports analytics is a fun career option for those interested in sports of any kind. In this interdisciplinary program, students develop innovative, analytical skills and mathematical talent as well as computer science proficiency—and will learn how to apply these skills to the world of athletics.

51 Units

*41-51 units

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3 Concentrations
19 Required Major Courses

*16-19 required major courses, depending on concentration

Why Study Sports Analytics at CBU?

Learn through experience

Sports, like any other major industry, is looking to gain an advantage through analytics. Part of the upper division coursework includes a partnership with Lancers Athletics, where students work closely with coaches and staff to determine statistics that need to be analyzed for various teams. Additionally, an internship is required pushing students out into the community to gain hands-on experiences.

Use the latest technology

CBU faculty and staff have access to supercomputers located all over the country, and can model, simulate and predict using big sample data that is bootstrapped or resampled thousands of times from these supercomputers. This means that CBU students are trained at the bleeding edge of technology and can use the most advanced software available.

What You'll Learn

Program Details

STA 364: Applied Statistical Methodology

A course in application of parametric and nonparametric single and multivariable data analytic techniques to sports.

STA 460: Sports Analytics Seminar

This course enables students to examine theory and applications of data science and analytics to the field of sports performance, administration, and player rehabilitation.

STA 360: Data Visualization

This course provides the tools to create and critically evaluate data visualizations. Focus will be on statistical graphics, graphics that display statistical data. 

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  • Quantitative Sport Business Concentration
  • Rehabilitative Sports Analytics Concentration
  • Sports Performance Analytics Concentration

Linn Carothers, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics

Office Phone: 951-343-4961
Office Location: James Building, 472

Gabriela Gil-Mazariegos

I am a double major. I study biochem and molecular bio along with sports analytics. I felt that sports analytics would better equip me in a lab setting so that I could have the approach of a data scientist. Analytics is all about piling as much relevant information you can in order to find a pattern that will give you insight or an advantage you didn’t have prior. One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what data you collect it all has a pattern.

Gabriela Gil-Mazariegos '19

Rachel Robinson

I love math and I love sports, why not put them together? I would like to eventually work with an NFL team, but for right now me and my friend are running our own business inspired by a professor here. My professors are amazing and show their Christian faith in and out of class. If I ever have any questions I can always ask them.

Rachel Robinson '19

Career Possibilities

Sports analytics majors can apply their field of study to a variety of careers. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Team Sports Analyst
  • Team Sports Statistician
  • Data Service Analyst
  • Television Network Sports Analyst
  • Independent Statistician Consultant
  • Data Scientist

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