Health and Human Sciences, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences helps students gain a deeper understanding of healthcare systems, health management, health communication and patient health navigation.

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Program Intro

In CBU's health and human sciences bachelor's degree program, students will take courses focused on healthcare systems, health communication, health behavior change, pathophysiology, nutrition, culture, ethics, research methods and quality improvement in healthcare.

74 Units

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28 Required Major Courses
100 % Christian Faculty and Staff

Why Study Health and Human Sciences at CBU?

Work in healthcare

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences is ideal for those who would like to work in healthcare and are on the path toward nursing, patient navigation, health management or social sciences. Through courses in health and human sciences, CBU's program will teach students how to access healthcare systems and provide education, assessment and support to patients.

Be prepared for graduate school

The B.S. in Health and Human Sciences program will allow students to complete all required prerequisites of the EL-MSN program at CBU. Students will be additionally prepared for postgraduate study in health management, public health, social sciences or other entry-level nursing programs.

Serve overseas

Students can travel during the summer and serve in the health professions in various overseas locations. Some locations include Tanzania, China and the Philippines. To prepare for participation in Global Health Engagement, students will need to take two courses, ALH 301 Global Health Engagement Seminar and ALH 401 Global Health Engagement Practicum.

What You'll Learn

Program Details

HSC 305: Epidemiology

Principles and methods used to investigate the distribution, determinants, and prevention strategies for disease in human populations.

HSC 300: Health Communication

The purpose of this course is to focus on the use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions regarding health.

HSC 480: Research Methods

This course provides an introduction to clinical research design with statistical analysis. The emphasis will be on the student designing her or his practical research project by the end of the semester.

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Janet Bonome, Dr.PH

Associate Professor of Public Health
Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences

Office Phone: 951-343-2176
Office Location: Health Science Campus H140

Melissa Wigginton, DrPH, CHES

Professor of Health Science

Office Phone: 951-552-8537
Office Location: Health Science Campus H-138

Career Possibilities

Graduates of CBU's health and human sciences bachelor's program will be well prepared for graduate school as well as various careers in the health industry. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Patient Navigator
  • Community Health Navigator
  • Family Support Specialist
  • Family Advocate 
  • Community Health Worker
  • Care Manager
  • Patient Service Representative
  • Registered Nurse
  • Physician's Assistant
  • Health Services Administrator
  • Social Worker

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