Degree Major Emphasis Institution Year
DrPH Health Education Loma Linda University 2015
MPH Health Education Loma Linda University 2007
BS Biology University of California Riverside 2003

MCHES: Master Certified Health Education Specialist

HCA 330: Health Information Systems
HSC 101: Introduction to Public Health
HSC 104: Survey of U.S. Health Care Delivery
HSC 305: Epidemiology
HSC 312: Environmental and Occupational Health
HSC 316: Public Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Intervention
HSC 320: Public Health Nutrition & Physical Activity
HSC 450: Curriculum Design in Health Education
HSC 460: Planning and Evaluating Health Education and Health Promotion Programs
HSC 501: The American Health Care System
HSC 516: Public Health Promotion and Disease Intervention
HSC 523: Current Issues in Public Health
HSC 560: Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation
HSC 590: Research Methods
HSC 596: Applied Knowledge in Public Health
KIN 300: Nutrition Science
KIN 302: Contemporary Health Issues

Global health, maternal and child health, health care administration and policy, cultural health care disparities, and child maltreatment

Norco College

Loma Linda University, School of Allied Health

Sandals Church, Riverside

I am a boy mom! We love the outdoors (playing at the park, the beach, hiking), boating in Lake Havasu, and watching hockey.

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her. Luke 1:45