SLO 1: Students will be able to evaluate matters of worldview, intellectual virtues (i.e. critical thinking) and assessing disciplinary content consistent with biblical teachings.
SLO 2: Students will be able to use the peer reviewed scientific literature effectively and evaluate technical articles critically.
SLO 3: Students will demonstrate proficiency in accurately conveying scientific data both orally and in writing.
SLO 4: Upon completion of each year of chemistry coursework (general, organic, analytical and physical), students will attain knowledge comparable to national standards in these areas of chemistry.
SLO 5: Students will be able to apply appropriate technology (including molecular modeling) and mathematical tools to their study of chemistry.
SLO 6: Students will be able to apply instrumental and other laboratory techniques to laboratory based problems.
SLO 7: Students will apply their knowledge of biology and chemistry through an in-depth research project related to biochemistry and molecular biology.
SLO 8: Students will understand the concepts of safe laboratory practices and how to apply them.
SLO 9: Students should be able to work in a group to solve scientific problems, be effective leaders as well as effective team members, and interact productively with a diverse group of peers.
SLO 10: Students will conduct themselves responsibly and be aware of the role of chemistry in contemporary societal and global issues.