SLO 1: Sound and Recording Techniques: Demonstrate a developed understanding and application of sound and recording technologies in commercial music.
SLO 2: Commercial Music Styles: Compare and contrast commercial music styles and genres via musical criticism and instrumental performance.
SLO 3: Music Industry Practices: Critique music industry practices using an ethical and moral lens informed by scripture.
SLO 4: Music Artifacts: Create unique musical artifacts that contribute to artistic and entrepreneurial career aspirations.
SLO 5: Popular Music History: Analyze the global phenomenon of popular music, historically and socially, and opportunities for careers in commercial music in emerging markets and businesses.
SLO 6: Perform Commercial Styles: Perform and replicate musical styles from diverse commercial music genres.
SLO 7: Music Technologies: Integrate music technologies in musical performance and distribution.
SLO 8: Music Industry Practices: Understand small business practices and entrepreneurship as related to music industry.
SLO 9: New Music Creation: Create new music in diverse musical genres and instrumentation.