Spanish, B.A.

CBU Spanish majors gain fluency in the language by the time of graduation, becoming able to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. 

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Program Intro

Fluency in Spanish opens job opportunities in teaching, translation and interpretation, while also being useful for many other professional positions. Since bilingual proficiency and multicultural adaptability are an integral part of CBU's Spanish bachelor's program, students are encouraged to participate in study-abroad opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries.

52 Units

*40-52 Units

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2 Concentrations
22 + Spanish-Speaking Countries in the World

Why Study Spanish at CBU?

Be immersed in the language

Our program requires students to participate in immersion experiences. Students have the opportunity to attend local Spanish-speaking churches, literary conferences, Latin American restaurants and even travel abroad to Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Chile, Argentina and Peru. Faculty members mentor students academically and spiritually so that they grow in their knowledge of the Spanish language and build their relationship with Christ.

Enhance your résumé

Employers prefer bilingual workers because they are capable of reaching more consumers. Our program ensures that students are prepared to use the language in such industries as health care, education, business, law enforcement, communication and social services. CBU offers degrees in most of these fields and students often double major with Spanish. The ability to speak Spanish also helps one travel to and share the gospel in more than 22 Spanish-speaking countries.

What You'll Learn

Program Details

SPA 233: Intermediate Conversational Spanish

The course will provide comprehensible input in a low anxiety environment in order to enhance second language acquisition. 

SPA 325: Spanish Grammar in Context and Composition

This course reviews elementary and intermediate level structures of Spanish and introduces advanced grammatical constructions. 

SPA 424: Latin American Literature II

This course studies major works in Latin American literature written from the nineteenth century to present times. 

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  • Spanish for Professions Concentration
  • Traditional/Teaching Concentration
  • Hispanic Literature and Film Concentration (Additional, Optional Concentration)
  • Spanish Teaching Concentration (Additional, Optional Concentration)

Khamla Dhouti Martinez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Program Director, Spanish

Office Phone: 951-343-4541
Office Location: Jame Building 259

Maggie Franco

I chose this major because I want to improve my Spanish and help others that want to learn this language. I like that I am able to get to know other individuals that are interested in the same program and connect with them. I've grown spiritually through this program because my professors always bring faith and Christ in each lesson and I am able to connect my faith with what I am learning in the classroom.

Maggie Franco '20

Tyler Dutchover

The faculty at CBU prepared me for the real world. We did not simply learn about the language, but interacted in it. Since graduation, I have worked as a Spanish teacher and continue to use just about everything that I learned from the Spanish department in my professional life.

Tyler Dutchover '15
Spanish Teacher

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Career Possibilities

Spanish majors can apply their field of study to a variety of careers. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Translator
  • Professional Interpreter
  • Social Worker
  • Political Aid
  • ESL Teacher
  • Business Consultant
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Secondary Education Teacher
  • Missionary
  • Publisher
  • Journalist

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