SLO 1: Explain the classical, contemporary, gender and postmodern theoretical frameworks and core concepts of sociology.
SLO 2: Demonstrate knowledge of multiple key substantive areas within the field of sociology including marriage and family, social problems, deviant behavior, and group dynamics
SLO 3: Demonstrate intercultural knowledge and competence including cultural self-awareness, cultural difference, and respectful communication in cross-cultural settings
SLO 4: Express the concepts and theories in sociology using excellent written and editing skills following style and guideline requirements; combining and synthesizing thoughts and ideas with clarity and fluency.
SLO 5: Express the concepts and theories in sociology using oral presentation skills with clarity, professional demeanor and dress, combining and synthesizing existing ideas to formulate convincing ideas and/or arguments.
SLO 6: Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical issues in a variety of social contexts including a Biblical worldview.
SLO 7: Evaluate several research methodologies including both qualitative and quantitative research designs, the different types of data collection and analysis.