Sociology, B.A.

California Baptist University’s sociology bachelor's program challenges students’ perspective of the world and the many people groups in it, helping them look more objectively at other societies and our own.

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Program Intro

The many issues confronting society today make sociology all the more relevant. California Baptist University’s sociology program provides the core foundation for understanding society’s structure and its patterns, group dynamics, social inequality and social diversity.

62 Units

*47-62 Units

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1 Concentration
16 Required Major Courses

Why Study Sociology at CBU?

Take relevant and interesting courses

We keep the sociology program current by offering distinctive elective courses. The creation of our new international practicum course adds a global opportunity for students to experience cultural differences and apply academic concepts. CBU is also unique in that it does not avoid challenging topics but helps students think critically about issues from a Christian perspective.

Get hands-on experience

Our faculty provide opportunities for students to be involved in research, community service and internships as a means of preparation for the diverse work world. A number of service teams have traveled abroad to countries like Greece, Malawi, Jordan, France and the Philippines. Additionally, many of our students have served at local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and youth transitional homes, and have interned at such places as Operation Safe House, Women Wonder Writers and Jill’s House.

What You'll Learn

Students in CBU's sociology program will learn to:

Program Details

SOC 323: Marriage and the Family

The course discusses dating, mate selection, the experience of marriage, marital challenges, and diversity in family forms. 

SOC 305: Social Problems

A study of the nature and meaning of social problems and deviant behavior in American Society.

SOC 347: Sociology of Gender

From the perspective of personal identity, we will ask how it is that we experience ourselves as male and female.

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  • Cultural Sociology Concentration
  • Forensic Psychology Concentration (Additional, Optional)
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology Concentration (Additional, Optional)
  • Life Span Development Concentration (Additional, Optional)
  • Medical Anthropology Concentration (Additional, Optional)
  • Social Work Concentration (Additional, Optional)
  • Sports Psychology Concentration (Additional, Optional)

Douglas Wallace, PhD

Professor of Sociology
Associate Dean, Division of Family and Culture, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Office Phone: 951-552-8722
Office Location: W.E. James Building, Room 117


Each professor that I have had for my sociology classes was interested in not only my academic success, but my personal and spiritual life. They challenged my perspective of the world and the many people groups in it.

Cherisse Grow '16

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I chose sociology to fulfill my desire to learn more about social human behaviors. I hope to counsel and work with youth in some capacity in the future.

Crystal Castro '18

Mikayla Bowers

I chose sociology because I have a passion for foster children and I love studying interactions and behaviors of people. I plan to get my master's in social work and pursue a career in child services.

Mikayla Bowers '19

Nataly Iniguez

I chose sociology to learn about different types of people. I like how great the professors are.

Nataly Iniguez '21

Career Possibilities

Upon completing CBU’s undergraduate sociology program, students will be well prepared for careers in a variety of fields. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Counselor
  • Corrections Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Ministry Worker
  • Human Resources Manager

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Join our community. At CBU, you’ll be challenged to become an individual whose skills, integrity, and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish you in the world.