Kinesiology, BA

Kinesiology focuses on the study of human motion and body mechanics and is a broad major that gives students career options in a variety of physical activity, rehabilitation, sport and wellness settings. 

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Program Intro

Students in CBU's kinesiology bachelor's program receive a marketable set of skills designed to enhance the health, wellness and physical performance of their clients.

56 Units

*54-56 Units

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3 Concentrations
22 Required Major Courses

*21-22 required major courses, depending on chosen concentration

Why Study Kinesiology at CBU?

Prepare for a career of service 

This program prepares students for relevant professional certifications and licensures, as well as for further graduate study in related fields. We have state-of-the-art equipment to measure sport performance, exercise physiology and rehabilitation parameters. Faculty have diverse doctoral degrees, represent different areas of specialization and build relationships with students through excellent teaching, scholarship and service. Students are encouraged to prepare for careers of service and impact.

Serve overseas

Each year, our program sends students across the world with Global Health Engagement. Through this program, students get to practice their discipline (athletic training, strength and conditioning, physical activity and more) in a unique setting. In recent years, students have traveled to China, Africa and the Philippines.

What You'll Learn

  1. The student graduating with a BSKN will be able to describe and apply the scientific foundations of human development, physical activity, performance, and health.
  2. The student graduating with a BSKN will be able to identify the proper avenues for professional development, personal development, and career advancement.
  3. The student graduating with a BSKN will be able to describe and demonstrate appropriate methods of instruction and application of kinesiology-related skills.
  4. The student graduating with a BSKN will be able to integrate faith, values, and ethics in the practical application of kinesiology.
  5. The student graduating with a BSKN will utilize critical thinking and appropriate oral and written communication skills that meet professional and scientific standards to communicate physical activity, exercise, and health-related information to demographically varied populations.

Program Details

KIN 264: Movement Anatomy

A study of the muscle and bone structure of the human body and how they work together to create movement. 

KIN 353: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

A course providing instruction and experience in the prevention and care of injuries incurred in athletics.

KIN 454: Behavioral Aspects of Sport

A study of the sociological and psychological impact of physical activity on humans. 

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  • Physical Activity and Wellness Concentration
  • Physical Education Concentration
  • Sport Performance Concentration

Trevor Gillum, Ph.D.

Professor of Kinesiology
Program Director of Exercise Science

Office Phone: 951-343-4950
Office Location: Health Sciences Campus, F89

Amy Miller, Dr.P.H.

Professor of Kinesiology

Office Phone: 951-552-8843
Office Location: Health Science Campus, F93

Sean Sullivan, Ph.D.

Professor of Kinesiology
Chair, Department of Kinesiology
Program Director, MS in Kinesiology

Office Phone: 951-343-4528
Office Location: Health Science Campus, F94

April Hernandez

I want to be an athletic trainer and my classes are preparing me. My professors have helped me, prayed for me, and challenged my faith.

April Hernandez '21

Angelo Diazzesati

I chose my major to serve God's people and what better way to do so than through sports.

Angelo Diazzesati '20

Noah Sepulveda

I have been a part of the physical therapy process multiple times and now I want to be able to return that healing to others. CBU's kinesiology program has teachers who are all well versed in their fields and invested in our success.

Noah Sepulveda '21

kinesiology lab

Student Opportunities: Exercise Physiology Lab

We have state-of-the-art equipment to measure oxygen levels, cardiac outcomes, muscle function, immune parameters and environmental extremes. In our exercise physiology lab, we have a treadmill big enough for 6 people to run at the same time.

Career Possibilities

Graduates of CBU's kinesiology program will be well prepared for various careers in the industry. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Health Educator
  • P.E. Teacher
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Athletic Trainer

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