1. Faith Integration: Majors will apply a Christian worldview to the moral and ethical questions inherent in the illustration industry.
  2. Visual Literacy: Majors will demonstrate a critical and working familiarity with the themes and concerns of illustration.  Evidence of this will be manifested through directed projects and their capstone exhibition.
  3. Creative Thinking: Majors will demonstrate the ability to engage in associative/spatial thinking dynamically channeled through various media through directed formal and conceptual problems as well as self-determined projects.
  4. Media Fluency: Majors will demonstrate an ability to command the inherent dynamics of two-dimensional media as applied to the principles of professional design techniques and best-practices workflows.
  5. Professional Awareness: Majors will acquire the ability to integrate business concepts, to assess the professional implications of their expressive decisions and to apply techniques of professional presentation, portfolio creation, and promotion utilized in the illustration industry.

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