Film, B.A.

Film is the most culturally influential artistic medium in our era. The film major equips students both to understand film as a culture-shaping force and to pursue diverse careers in the entertainment industry. 

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Program Intro

In a world that increasingly relies on visual information, a comprehension of how meaning grows out of the moving image is indispensable to a deeper social and cultural understanding. CBU film majors develop valuable technical knowledge and experience as well as sharp critical thinking skills and significant audio-visual literacy. 

54 Units

*39-54 units

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4 Concentrations
18 Required Major Courses

*13-18 required major courses, depending on chosen concentration

Why Study Film at CBU?

Gain Hands-On Experience Near Hollywood

CBU film majors have the opportunity to learn how to apply knowledge to filmmaking by creating high quality films on state-of-the-art equipment, writing screenplays and teleplays, and exploring the best of global cinema, all within reach of Hollywood.

Choose From Four Concentrations

CBU Film offers four concentrations, allowing students to specialize and distinguish themselves as film professionals who demonstrate professional excellence and personal integrity, are servant leaders in their communities, and who live biblically based, missional lives within the profession.

Program Details

FLM 370: Writing for Streaming Media

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of writing for streaming media.

FLM 470: Adaptation and Intertextuality

This advanced course focuses on diverse texts and theories regarding adaptation and intertextuality as they impact film and other media. 

FLM 320: Sundance Film Festival with Windrider Forum

This is a course centers on the legendary Sundance Film Festival, including attendance of the festival in Park City, Utah, in conjunction with Fuller Seminary’s Windrider Forum, which brings together students from Christian universities all over the US for a colloquium on the relationship between Christianity (and spirituality more generally) and cinema.

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  • Film and Screen Media Studies
  • Film Post Production
  • Film Production
  • Screenwriting

Melissa Croteau, Ph.D.

Professor of Film Studies

Office Phone: 951-343-4327
Office Location: W. E. James Building, Room 362

Michael Eaton, M.F.A.

Professor of Film Studies/Film Production

Office Phone: 951-552-8789
Office Location: James 357

  • Communication Competency: Graduating Film majors will explain the cultural, social, and spiritual relevance of film through written, discursive, and multi-media communication.
  • Critical Analysis: Graduating Film majors will produce researched critical analyses that reflect the broader historical, cultural, and religious contexts of cinematic artifacts.
  • Diversity: Graduating Film majors will produce critical analyses, screenplays, and/or film projects that communicate an understanding of and respect for diverse perspectives, including those related to religion, race, gender, and social class.
  • Theoretical Approach & Methodology: Graduating Film majors will demonstrate the application of theory to filmic texts through oral, written, and visual forms of communication.
  • Professional and Graduate Preparation: Graduating Film majors will be equipped to pursue professional film-related occupations and graduate studies.


Michael Metzler Jr.

CBU ultimately taught me to overcome my self-doubt and go for it, that this was the only way to make progress, with anything for that matter. It's a lesson I wish I'd learned earlier, but I’m grateful to know it now.

Michael Metzler Jr. '23

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David Ramos

CBU really helped me build my confidence and made me a much more well-rounded filmmaker. My professors helped set the foundation for me, and I was so supported and encouraged while making films at CBU.

David Ramos '19

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Kiani Margolis

My day can vary from working with directors to pulling materials for their pieces, looking over the script for music pieces, approving videos of music interviews and working with my supervisor to prepare for future guests.

Kiani Margolis '20
Music Assistant, "Entertainment Tonight"

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Student Work

cbu film festival

Student Opportunities: CBU Film Festival

The CBU annual film festival draws new student filmmakers and motivates returning students to try new ideas. The film festival serves as a forum for students to showcase their work in front of a public audience. Since 2011, the CBU film festival has successfully brought together members of the public, CBU film students, and film critics into a common space.

Student Opportunities: Riverside International Film Festival

Since 2002, the Riverside International Film Festival has brought the best in contemporary international and independent film to the Inland Empire Region of Southern California, the fastest growing area in America. The CBU Film program regularly partners with and showcases student films in conjunction with the Riverside International Film Festival.

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Student Opportunities: Los Angeles Film Studies Center

As a participant in the Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities and a “sending institution” for the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC), CBU gives students the opportunity to study for one semester through the Center in Los Angeles, California. Completion of this concentration is contingent upon admittance to the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) program.

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Career Possibilities

Film is one of the fastest growing disciplines at universities and colleges in the U.S. Interdisciplinary in nature, film incorporates other fields such as history, art, popular culture, and communications. Film majors practice the vital activities of analysis, synthesis, and multitasking that many employers seek. As a result, many film graduates find positions with film production companies, film archives, and festivals, or work as art managers, critics, journalists, independent artists, and teachers. Film majors have been competitive in job searches nationally in the following areas:

  • Independent or Industrial Filmmaker
  • Film Editor
  • Critic or Arts Journalist
  • Press Agent
  • Photographer
  • Actor, Actress or Performer
  • Studio Merchandising Specialist or Distribution Company Work
  • Dramaturge or Story Editor
  • Film Archivist
  • Museum Curator
  • Program Researcher or Community Arts Worker
  • Casting Director or Casting Assistant
  • Theater Manager
  • Publicist
  • Television Producer
  • Camera Operator
  • Censor
  • Colorizing Technician
  • Screenwriter
  • Animator
  • Script Writer or Script Supervisor
  • Library Assistant or Assistant Language Teacher
  • Personal Assistant to Director or Producer
  • Talent Agent or Talent Representative

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