Trademark Usage

California Baptist University’s Marketing and Communication division is responsible to protect the brand image, logo usage and integrity of all university trademarks when used by any individual, office, department, division, college, program, club or third party. California Baptist University (CBU) maintains a licensing agreement with Affinity Licensing, who manages the licensing process on behalf of CBU and assists with matters of brand management, usage, legality and enforcement.

Use of CBU’s trademarks without permission from CBU’s Marketing and Communication (CBU M&C) division or a license from Affinity Licensing is strictly prohibited. If in doubt, consult with CBU M&C prior to use of any official CBU marks.

Individuals and Businesses

Individuals, vendors, retail or e-commerce businesses that wish to sell products with CBU’s name, likeness or trademarks to consumers—will need to obtain a license. If not licensed, the individual or business will need to compete the licensing process through CBU’s official partner, Affinity Licensing.

For non-commercial purposes, permission for logo and trademark usage is still needed from CBU’s M&C division.

Students, Faculty and Staff

If ordering promotional items with the CBU university name, logos or trademarks, an approved, licensed vendor must be used. A list of all approved vendors can be found on the Affinity Licensing website. If a preferred vendor is desired, approval will be needed from CBU M&C and the vendor must complete the licensing process through CBU’s official partner, Affinity Licensing.

Student organizations and clubs who wish to use university logos or trademarks must seek permission through CBU’s M&C division.


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