President's Award for Excellence in Writing

Past Award Recipients 

Award recipient

2019 - Kasaan M. Hammon (Liberal Studies), “Knowledge Proceeds from I Am: A Philosophical Journey.”

First-runner up: Joseph M. Arriaga (English), “Young Adult Literature and Jung’s Shadow.”

Second-runner up: Emily Anne Stewart (Philosophy), “Grace upon Grace: Aquinas’ Theological Revitalization of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics.”


Award Winner

2018 - Sarah N. Rodriguez (English), “From Collins to Bertram: The Clergy in Austen’s Life and Writing.”

First-runner up: Katherine A. Robinson (English), “The Illusion of Female Empowerment in William Wells Brown’s ‘Clotel: or, The President’s Daughter.’”


Award Winner

2017 - Sarah N. Rodriguez (English), “Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker, and the Influence of the Christ-Haunted South.”

First-runner up: Katie E. Venzke (Education), “Philosophy of Ministry.”

Second-runner up: Maigen Turner (Music), “A Task Fit Only for Ladies: Music and the Early Nineteenth-Century English Gentlewoman.”



2016 - Melissa Chesney (English), “Keats, Greeks, and Beliefs: A Mythical Quest for Human Truth.”

First-runner up: Yvette Quintana (English), “The Crux of the Matter in ‘The Lord of the Rings': On the Absence of an Incarnation in Middle-Earth.”

Second-runner up: Sarah N. Rodriguez (English), Following Jesus: Flannery O'Connor's Inspiration for ‘Wise Blood.’”


Award Winner

2014 - Tara Anderson (English), “In Between the Mountaintops: A Look at Langston Hughes' ‘Christ in Alabama.’”

First-runner up: Robert James Sapunarich (English), “Grace in the Maelstrom.”




2013 - Michael J. Sutherlin (English), “The Word and Words.”

First-runner up: Tawnee J. Ortiz (English), “Dr. Jeckyll's Shadow Is Reborn: In a Game of Hyde and Seek.”

Second-runner up: Andrew D. Winegarner (Biology), “Wittgenstein's Veneration of Value Devoid of Vacant Logic.”