VA Leadership


Jay Villasenor
Academic Records Coordinator for Veteran Services

U.S. Army




    ashley 2019  
    Ashley Barton
     U.S. Marine Corps
     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 
     Peer Mentor 



         brittany 2019 
     Brittany Hogue
      U.S Air Force Reserve
      Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
      Peer Mentor




     Katie Meacham
      Military Dependent 
      Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 
      Peer Mentor





    Zach Oldfield
      U.S Army 
      Bachelor of  Science in Business Administration




  stefanie 2019


   Stefanee Fontanilla
      Military Dependent 
      Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders 




 sequioa 2019

    Sequoia May 
      Military Dependent 
      Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 






You can reach them at or (951) 552-8522.