Student Veteran Association

Mission Statement

The mission of SVA is for veterans and active service members attending CBU to come together in unity, for support, and to utilize a biblical worldview while using the gifts and talents of the members to determine and meet needs in the community.

Officer Goals

    Establish an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.  Design methods to provide community service within the community.  Partner with CBU to increase awareness of Veterans' and Service Members' concerns.

Club Goals

    Meet once a month.  Bible study. Prayer for our military, every 3rd Tuesday of each month 7:30am-8:10am in the Knuppe Prayer Chapel) Plan activities for fellowship and mentoring.  Create awareness of Veterans and Active Service Members on CBU campus.  Determine needs of the local population.  Plan outreach activities for the community.

Mikki (secretary), Billey (chaplain), Oscar (president), Daniel (vice-president) and Kylie (treasurer).

Club Chair: 
Oscar Valdez

Faculty Sponsors:
Rebecca Meyer