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PSY735 Addictive Behavior

This course focuses on addictive behaviors, including the etiology, assessment, and treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders, as well as risk prevention and factors and dual diagnoses, applying this understanding to the profession of clinical psychology. Other addictive behaviors will also be explored, including eating, Internet, and gambling disorders, as well as sexual addiction. A biopsychosocial-spiritual approach will be emphasized in conceptualizing and treating addictive behaviors. (2 units; Fall)

FIN101 Personal Financial Management

An overview of personal financial management offers students power over financial resources, freedom to give generously, and insight for better citizenship. The course emphasizes concepts such as goal setting, budgeting, debt management, investing, major purchases, insurance, and retirement/estate planning. (3 units; Fall)

Harrison, Adele L.
09/04/2018 MW 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM BUS ONLN