Online Photo Submission

Online Photo Submission is a service provided to new students only.  Students will receive an email from with “California Baptist University has invited you to use Online Photo Submission!” as the subject line.  Within that email there will be link to submit a photo to be used for their CBU Student ID Card (CBU Card).

To be approved submitted photos MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Should be cropped slightly above head to middle of chest
  2. Should be taken against a plain white background
  3. Must be a color photo
  4. Must not include sunglasses or hat
  5. Must be positioned directly at camera
  6. Eyes should be open and looking at camera
  7. Should not include multiple people in photo

Typically senior portraits or other professionally taken photos do not work well as CBU Card photos.  Passport type photos work the best.  This is often easily accomplished by taking a cell phone picture in front of a plain white background.

Traditional Undergraduate Students will be able to pick up their CBU Card at their scheduled New Student Orientation or at Welcome Weekend.

Traditional Graduate students will be able to pick their CBU Card up at the Graduate Student Kickoff.

Photo identification must be provided to receive your CBU Card.

If you have any questions regarding the Online Photo Submission process please feel free to call or email the University Card Services office at 951.552.8552 or


No Hats
No Hats or Sunglasses

 Dark Background
Busy/Dark Background
Not Looking at Camera
 Multiple PeopleINCORRECT!
Multiple People
in Photo
 Good Picture