Meal Plans

California Baptist University is proud that Provider Contract Food Services, a local homegrown company with global appeal, provides the campus community with quality food service options.  Provider manages the on-campus food service program, campus catering services and on-campus vending. The University Card Services Office and Provider work closely together to create dining options that meet the needs of the CBU community. 

Meal Plans consist of two parts:

  • Meal Swipes can be used to obtain a full meal.
  • Dining Dollars are a pay-as-you-go option that will work similar to an ATM debit card. Dining Dollars may be used to obtain a full meal or individual items and are accepted at any of the campus dining locations. 

Undergraduate residential students must purchase a meal plan (minimum requirements are listed in the table below). Graduate residential students and commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan but may choose from all the plans offered. Meal Plans are sold by the semester. Unused Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars do not rollover from semester to semester.


Meal Plan Options

Available for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Semesters

Plan Name

Price Per Semester

Total Meal Swipes

Total Dining Dollars

A $585 40 100
B $890 60 150
C  $1190 85 150
The A-C meal plan options are only available to commuting and Graduate students.  However, these students may choose from all meal plan options. 
* D  $1485 100 250
* The D plan is the minimum requirement for Colony, Point, Lancer Arms and University Place residents.
** E  $1780 125 250
** The E plan is the minimum requirement for Cottages, Simmons, Smith, Tower and Village residents.
F  $2055 150 250
G  $2310 170 300
H  $2560 190 350
I  $2790 215 350
J  $3035 235 400
K  $3260 255 450
L $3505 280 450
The following O-Q meal plan options are only available to College Park, Magnolia Crossing,
Spanish Oaks and University Owned House residents.
Residents in these locations may also choose from any of the other residential meal plan options (D-L)
*** O $1360 70 450
*** The O plan is the minimum requirement for College Park, Magnolia Crossing, Spanish Oaks, and University Owned House residents.
P $1650 85 550
Q $1935 100 650


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*California Baptist University is ranked #2 among California universities and #5 in the nation for best college food ( — Best College Food Rankings 2021). Click here to learn about the different food service locations on campus!