Meal Plans

California Baptist University is proud that Provider Contract Food Services, a local homegrown company with global appeal, provides the campus community with quality food service options.  Provider manages the on-campus food service program, campus catering services and on-campus vending. The University Card Services Office and Provider work closely together to create dining options that meet the needs of the CBU community. 

Meal Plans consist of two parts:

  • Meal Swipes can be used to obtain a full meal.
  • Dining Dollars are a pay-as-you-go option that will work similar to an ATM debit card. Dining Dollars may be used to obtain a full meal or individual items and are accepted at any of the campus dining locations. 

Residential students must purchase a meal plan (Plan D minimum). Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan but may choose from all the plans offered. Meal Plans are sold by the semester. Unused Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars do not rollover from semester to semester.


Meal Plan Options

Available Plans for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Semesters

Plan Name
Price Per Semester
Total Meal Swipes
Total Dining Dollars
A $550 45 50
B $830 70 50
C  $1110 90 100
* D  $1665 135 150
E  $1920 155 200
F  $2160 180 200
G  $2390 200 250
H  $2605 225 250
I  $2830 250 250
J  $3045 275 250
K  $3275 300 250
*Residential student minimum


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my meal plan rollover to another semester?
    Unused Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars will not rollover.
  • Can I swipe for another person to eat?

    Students must use Dining Dollars if they would like to obtain food for another person.

  • When does the meal plan begin and end?

    The dates that meal plans begin and end are listed on the InsideCBU Calendar, and available in the University Card Services Office.

  • How do I increase my meal plan?

    You have two options. Stop by the University Card Services Office to complete a request form or visit the University Card Services page on InsideCBU (you will be asked to login to InsideCBU)

  • Can I decrease my meal plan?

    Meal Plan reduction requests must be submitted to the University Card Services Office no later than the first Friday of every semester. After this date, students can only increase their plan.

  • How do I track my meal plan usage?

    After you log on to InsideCBU, click the "Life @ CBU" tab and "University Card Services" folder (on the left of the screen). The "Meal Plan Usage" and "CBU Card Balances" links will also be on the left of the screen.


*California Baptist University is ranked #2 among California universities and #7 in the nation for best college food ( — Best College Food Rankings 2019). Click here to learn about the different food service locations on campus!