Lancer's New Years Resolutions

With 2015 right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about my New Year resolutions. Check out my list and a video of my progress below.


Dear Friends,

So, apparently 2015 has snuck up on me. Like you, I've been pretty busy this year. I've helped give out over $25 million in scholarships to CBU students. I cheered our Lancer athletes on to win three PacWest Championships. In May they were awarded the PacWest Commissioners Cup for the second time in three years. I was also part of the over 680,000 hours of service performed by Lancers in communities around the world. Plus, during the Homecoming Alumni Awards Dinner I got to present Dr. Ellis with his very own lance in honor of his 20 years of service to CBU. I bet with a little practice he'll get the hang of it.

It's hard to believe, but the class of 2014 was the 60th graduating class from CBU. Since the first graduating class of eight we have helped almost 18,000 students earn their degree. One of our original 1954 graduates is Bill Tritten. He and his wife Rose Ann spent over 40 years serving in ministry which included planting churches and assisting other pastors to do the same. The impact that God has made through the Trittens and thousands of his fellow Lancers is untold and may never be fully realized, but by supporting CBU you have played a role in their success.

It is the loyal and consistent support of friends like you that is sustaining and advancing the mission of CBU. Please consider making a special end-of-the-year gift to support the students of CBU and continue the legacy of support.

Merry Christmas and Blessings for 2015!
the Lancer