Faculty Support

The Endowed Chair

The highest academic award that a university can bestow on a faculty member is that of an endowed chair. When a professor is named an endowed chair it means their salary is permanently paid for by the endowment, no longer coming out of CBU's yearly operating budget. Being endowed not only honors the chairholder of the title but it will provide an enduring tribute to the benefactor.

Endowed chairs have long been important in academia. The idea dates to 1502 when Margaret of Richmond, mother of Henry VII, established the Lady Margaret Professorship of Divinity at Oxford, England. The tradition first made an appearance in America at Harvard College in 1721 with the establishment of the Hollis Professorship of Divinity. Interestingly, both chairs are still in existence today recognizing outstanding professors and honoring those that established the chair.

  • An endowed chair establishes a means of attracting, retaining and recognizing those professors that push the level of scholarship at CBU to be the best.
  • By endowing a chair, a donor can assist CBU in convening the brightest minds in their field to focus on particular issues and interest areas.
  • The impact of a world-class professor cannot be truly measured but to be able to “rub elbows” and learn with top scholars is how a gift can last forever and expand in breadth with each class of students.

A named endowed chair may be one of the best investments a person can make if they believe in the mission of CBU and the power of education. For more information on the level of investment needed to endow a chair position please contact the Office of University Advancement.