Thank a Donor

Dear friends and fellow Lancers,

On November 9, the students of CBU celebrated Thank A Donor Day.  Every year the university takes a day to thank all of our alumni and friends who support the students of CBU. You are the ones who faithfully provide scholarships and help build better programs and buildings, which richly impact the lives of CBU students. In fact, CBU wouldn’t have ever existed without the generous support of individuals, businesses and churches over the years.

In their notes of thanks the students of CBU expressed how blessed they are to be at a school that not only equips them mentally, but also prepares them spiritually for their life ahead. They know that the generosity you have shown is the reason many of them can continue their education and fulfill their hopes and dreams of graduation. Thank you for your support and may God bless you abundantly during this season of thanks!

Thank you!

The students of CBU