Grandparents Day - March 30, 2017

Details regarding the 2017 schedule will be posted as soon as they are available. In the meantime, information about last year's event can be found below. 

Please contact us at with questions or to request an invitation for Grandparents Day 2017. 

Grandparents Day 2016

More than 250 grandparents and students participated in Grandparents Day on April 8, 2016. A wide variety of classes were offered for grandparents to attend, and a great time was had by all! 

Click here to view some of the pictures taken at our photo booth throughout the day.

If you are interested in the classes that were offered in 2016, the complete schedule and details are listed below. 


9:30 am Grandparents Day Welcome Session      
10:45am -
11:00am -
What happened between the OT
and the NT and why does it matter?
CBU Culture 3D Printing Campus Tour
12:00pm -
A Taste of Honey "Orange" You Glad It's Grandparents Day? The History of 
Campus Tour
1:00pm -
Coming Home: C.S. Lewis' Spiritual Journey "Colorful Characters" of Riverside County Understanding the Syrian War and Refugee Crisis Campus Tour
1:15pm -
Concert Band Rehearsal      
2:00pm -
Women's Choir Concert 3D Printing Turning Points in Baptist History Campus Tour
2:30pm -
Jazz Band Rehearsal      
3:00pm -

The History of Disneyland

Family Business Success Tips Living Ethically Campus Tour
CBU Baseball vs. Concordia    

Class Descriptions:

What Happened Between the OT and the NT and Why Does It Matter?

  • The development of Jewish thought and history leading up to John the Baptist and Jesus.

CBU Culture

  • CBU culture will be presented from a student perspective. Learn about every opportunity available on campus for your students from the current ASCBU (Associated Students of California Baptist University) President.

3D Printing

  • Experience the future through 3D printing and robotics. Learn about applications at CBU and the freedom of innovation.

A Taste of Honey

  • Taste honey from Chef Giuseppe’s hives as well as other local honey. Sample delicious food pairings using honey.

"Orange" You Glad It's Grandparents' Day?

  • A Riverside Citrus Park docent will present a wide variety of exotic and local citrus for tasting. Learn about the rich citrus history of Riverside and pick up a few tips for cooking with citrus to add a little “zest” to your favorite meals.

The History of Disneyland

  • Hear the story behind one of CBU’s most popular courses: “The History of Disneyland” and how the class became the inspiration for the best-selling book, “The Wisdom of Walk: Leadership Lessons from The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Coming Home: CS Lewis' Remarkable Spiritual Journey

  • C.S. Lewis’ spiritual journey was long and complex, and he admitted later in life that he supposed his road to faith was rather rare. As we look at Lewis’ road back home to Christ, we will consider its major stages and factors.

"Colorful Characters" of Riverside County

  • Riverside County played host to several colorful residents who came to the area to be themselves. Author and local historian, Steven Lech, will discuss the lives of several of these “characters” and the impact they played on the region.

Understanding the Syrian War and Refugee Crisis

  • Get caught up on the backstory, progression and current situation in one of the most complicated, heart wrenching, conflicts of our time and learn how Christians in America can respond to the humanitarian disaster that has resulted.

Turning Points in Baptist History

  • This class highlights the obstacles that Baptists have overcome including religious persecution, hindrances to missions, and questions about the Bible, which will be used to illustrate how Baptists can respond to present day challenges.

Family Business Success Tips

  • Come learn the top ten things a family business can do to ensure success.

Living Ethically

  • This seminar extracts the way “ethics” in the form of Biblical Principles have been used to encourage, convince and demonstrate that “living ethically” has distinct benefits for us individually and as we strive to be Christ’s Ambassadors.